Dakota and James

How We Met

We met in highschool, I had my heart set on him since day one. We dated briefly but then I moved and he went off to college. (I have a running joke that we never really broke up ha) We always kept in touch and saw each other once or twice a year for different social events and each time I fell for him over again. He always knew I wanted him to be my boyfriend but timing never seemed right. We were always on different ends of the state. So after a year of minimum communication he had invited me to be his date to the Keenland Kentucky Horse Races, and what girl could resist such a grand gesture, plus being able to go to Horse Races was on my bucket list, so it was a win win in my book. Two weeks after that event he asked me to be his and we have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Gosh my mind races just thinking about this moment. We are both from Georgia and he had moved to Raleigh, NC for a job opportunity. My heart couldn’t take the distance so we decided that I would pack my bags and set some roots in Raleigh with my love. Our parents are old fashion so we had reservations about making this move without the commitment our family wanted. Being a bit rebellious we decided to make the plans anyways, but little did I know that he had other plans. We were all packed and ready to make the 7 hour drive from GA to NC. Since we had been apart for a while and weren’t able to go on our usual hiking adventures, he had planned a pit stop hike so we could stretch out and have a break from driving. We get to the mountain and start our hike, talking about our plans and how excited we were to finally be together. When we got to the top we did our normal routine of scoping out the best view and setting our cameras up to take some photos. After we were all set up, we got in the picture perfect spot and began our “candid” flow of moments in attempt to capture a good photo. He starts joking and asking me if I was okay with moving away from my family and I responded that he was my family. I turned to look out at the mountains and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee, saying my full name and asking me to be his wife! All I could do was shake my head up and down and cry! We stayed on the rock for an hour talking about the rest of our lives and our plans and dreams we have for our future. I am so lucky to be able to marry my best friend!

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