Daisy and Jesse

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how we met – daisy

Jesse and I met during our undergrad at the University of Oklahoma. It was January of my freshman and his senior year, and I was in a coffee shop in the campus library, grabbing a drink for a study binge. After I ordered, the cashier asked if I wanted anything else, and this handsome red head stepped up next to me and started ordering, as if we were together. He paid for our coffees, and as we waited for them to be made he introduced himself as Jesse. He was handsome and charming, and asked if I wanted to sit down for a while and talk. We made plans to meet for dinner that weekend, when we would have more time, and we ended up meeting for coffee or lunch every day that week! I was just amazed by his sincerity and the passion he had for his studies. Almost a year and a half later, that amazement hasn’t faded!

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how they asked – jesse

I originally planned to propose while we went skydiving Sunday, but the weather forecast was bad Friday morning, so I had to think of a plan fast! I planned to propose on the roof of a Children’s hospital in Oklahoma City, which is in the middle of my med-school campus with a well-manicured garden and lights and a great view of the city in the background. I was very nervous because I wanted this to be the most special day of her life. My photographer, a good friend of both of ours, met with me the night before while Daisy was at work to check out the spot and find out where the best place to propose was.

I had my sister plan a girls’ afternoon of manicures and pedicures with Daisy so she could have her nails done without being tipped off about the proposal. I gave him the ring and the banner I made so Daisy wouldn’t find either. I told Daisy we were meeting some of my medical school classmates downtown to get to know them better before school starts and it was a dressy event. When we got to downtown, I told her we had some time to kill, so I wanted to show her the view I had talked about several times on the roof of the hospital. When we arrived at the door to the roof I told her to close her eyes so when she opened them she would see the view. We walked out on the roof hand in hand and as we walked my photographer slipped me the ring while Daisy’s eyes were still closed. When we got in position, I asked her to open her eyes.

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When she did, she saw me with the ring, the photographer, and the videographer. I looked in her eyes and kissed her on the forehead, then I told her she has the happiest soul of anyone I have ever met and I could not dream of a more perfect woman to spend the rest of my life with. Aching with nerves, I then got down on one knee and opened the ring box asking, “Daisy Clarice Creager, will you marry me?” She bent down to kiss me and as she did she said yes.

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