Daisy and Carlos

Marriage Proposal Ideas in La jolla beach

How They Asked

It was our 6th anniversary. We had originally planned to go watch a movie, and then dinner after. 2 days before, he said “We should go to the beach instead of the movies, the weather is nice”. The day came around and we got snacks for the beach. We were there for a while just relaxing, listening to music and having a great time. We had the snacks in a backpack he took which was next to me. Every now and then, I would glance towards that direction. He would notice and ask ” whats wrong?” Each time I looked towards the backpack. That’s when I noticed he was acting a bit strange. A bit later, he stands up, pretends to look for something in his backpack. Without me noticing he gets the box and puts it next to me where im not looking. He then hands me the box and tells me to open it. It was our anniversary so I thought it was a necklace. As soon as I saw the ring… I could not believe it. I was in way too much of a shock that I started crying and forgot to answer. About 3 minutes go by and he asks” soo is that a yes?” And now here we are planning our wedding.

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