Daina and Talon

December 5th is Daina’s birthday and I made her believe I was taking her skating for her birthday.

Little did she know after a few hints that she would be engaged before her birthday was over !! I invited close friends of our and family without her knowing! I had also made time to ask her parents for their blessing again without her knowing. We parked the truck after sitting in traffic to get downtown for well over an hour, as we got the the outdoor rink two of our friends walked up and sat down beside us she looked at me and smiled we laced up and began skating after a few laps we sat at the side of the rink as she’s watching people skate she looks at me and says really !!! my sister and her friend skated towards us !!

Shortly after that Daina’s two best friends showed up, everyone except Daina knew why we were here and it wasn’t for her birthday !

We skated for a few more laps by this time we’ve been skating for about two hours.

I get everyone together for a group photo and planned to ask her after that but…… the bell rings and its time to get off the ice for 25 minutes well the ice gets resurfaced at this point Daina is ready to leave but eveyone tells her we have to stay they want to skate on fresh ice.

As we skate Daina tells me that she is happy I was able to pull this off without her knowing but little does she know the best is yet to come.

We all head over to the corner and i push her away from the group and hand her a letter telling her its a little something I made for her for her birthday.

As she reads it, I fumble like a fool trying to get the ring box opened in my jacket pocket as she finished reading the letter I dropped to one knee she had no idea she will never admit it but their were tears in her eyes she said yes and the crowd cheered.

Image 1 of Daina and Talon

Image 2 of Daina and Talon