Daiane and Steven


How We Met

Steven and I have been going to the same church for almost 2 years and never got the chance to actually meet each other. One day one of my good friends – and his co worker – called me with that famous line “I know someone who’d be perfect for you, no pressure. but seriously yall should meet.”

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After couple of months of trying to set up a date we were both free, we finally met. He got my number and we went on our first date that same week. I KNEW he was the one that very same day after we cruised around Atlanta jamming some Justin Timberlake for 2 hours after dinner. 8 months later after helicopter rides, hidden notes, and jam sessions here i am… TRULY living my american dream…

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how they asked

My best friend is a photographer and she tricked me by telling me to be a model for a photoshoot. Engagement was completely out of my radar at this point, so I went completely numb and shocked as I reached out to the last step of the stairs up to the rooftop.

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We have a big love for the city of Atlanta and they found an amazing location with the skyline in the background and a BEAUTIFUL set up. After the proposal, that handsome man took me to a restaurant where all our friends were there waiting for us!!




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Special Thanks

Victoria Bedingfield
Vic Bonvicini Photography