Dahlia and Marchon

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How We Met

Our Story Starts Four Years Ago. Neither Of Us Was Looking for a Relationship at the Moment, Since We, Both Had Recently Got Out of Relationships. Then One Day We Met Each Other on a Dating Website, We connected right away, became Best friends instantly, and had strong feelings for One Another.

After Three Weeks Of Texting, and Talking on the Phone, On March 24th, 2013, Marchon Asked Me If I’d Like to Be His Girlfriend Under One Condition, “No Matter What, We’re In This Together,” Feeling Skeptical About Getting Into a New Relationship But with an Optimistic Spirit, I Said Yes!.

Over the Years of Dating, We’ve Had Our Great Moments, Decent Moments, and Difficult Moments, But We’ve Lived with the Motto,”No Matter What, No Break-Ups Nor Make-Ups, We’re In This Together,”

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how they asked

On March 24th, 2017, We Were Celebrating Our Four Year Dating Anniversary, We Started the Day at One of Our Favorite Attractions in Atlanta, “The World Of Coca Cola,” Which Is Always Amazing Every Time We Visit. Later On That Night, We Had Dinner at, “The Cheesecake Factory,” It Was Our First For Both Of Us, the Restaurant Was Absolutely Stunning, and the Food Was Super Delish.

After Dinner, Marchon Took Me Downtown to Centennial Olympic Park, One Of Our Favorite Hangout Spot. As Walk Through the Park Trying to Find a Good Spot to Sit and Talk, with People Hanging in the Park Being Very Noisy, Seem Like We Was Never Going to Find a Spot, Then We Came Across a Beautiful Gazebo with the Flags of the Nation, Near a Stunning Lidded Waterfall.

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As We Were Talking, Marchon Said He Had a Gift for Me, and He Needed Me to Close My Eyes. As I Shut My Eyes, He Told Me He’ll Be Right Back When He Told Me That I Almost Flipped Out Cause I Thought He Was Leaving Me In the Park By Myself, Then He Said On the Count of Three Open My Eyes, As He Counted Down I Became a Little Nervous, as He Got to Three, I Was Hesitate to Open My Eyes, But As I Open My Eyes…..

I Found Him On One Knee, with the Ring In His Hand, I Was Shocked and My Face Just Dropped, As He Nervously Asked Me if, Would I Marry Him, I Was Awe-Struck, with a Quick Response I Said, “Yes!!!,” Repeatedly Responded Yes as I Jumped In His Arms and Continually Hugged Him, and Tearfully Cried In Joy…..

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Now Here We Are, Super Excited About Planning This Wedding, and We Can’t Wait for Everyone to Come and Have an Awesome Time……


Dahlia and Marchon