Cyrus and Amy

Cyrus had been secretly planing it for months, consulting with family and some close friends. He knew it would be difficult to try and surprise me as I would be on to him so he figured it best to propose on my 27th birthday. We both had a day off from work and he started the birthday celebration by taking me to have an amazing breakfast at Sadelles in NYC. While we finished our breakfast he told me he’d be taking me shopping next in Soho for a dress to wear to a surprise dinner he planned for that evening. After buying me a beautiful dress he told me he booked a hotel suite at the Ludlow hotel for an evening, a little get away for just us two. We got dolled up for dinner and he had us pack two small bags and make our way to hotel. When we got the key to our hotel room he asked I open the door first. To my surprise, the room was covered with roses and candles – I couldn’t believe it was all for my birthday ! He asked that I take a look outside the balcony for the sunset and as he opened the curtain I found more roses and more candles except this time shaped to ask “marry me” . Needless to say, I said yes.

Special Thanks

Cly by Matthew