Cyra and Tanner

How We Met: We went to high school together and never spoke to one another even though we were both in the same circle of friends through sports. He graduated and went off to Miami University while a year later I graduated and went to Morehead State University. Fast forward three years later and a message popped up on my computer. It was Tanner. I initially ignored his attention and it took me close to a month to give him a shot. We started texting every day and soon realized how similar we were. He admitted how he’d always thought I was beautiful but had never said anything to me in high school because he didn’t think he had a shot with me. After talking for a few weeks, I drove up to visit him at school. We went to lunch and talked for hours about everything and nothing. It was the start of an amazing year of dating, even though our universities were four hours apart. We spent all the time we could together and grew more in love with every passing day. After he graduated from college and accepted a position in law school, we decided to move in together in his new city. We found an apartment and moved all of our stuff in, enjoying this new level of adulthood together. I knew it was only time before we got engaged, as we had talked about it at length. But never did I imagine it would happen so soon after our big move….

how they asked: After a month of living together, we headed home for a Father’s Day picnic hosted by my parents. Little did I know that it was a front for a much bigger event. We had agreed the night before the picnic to take his parent’s new puppy over to the lake on our property for a swim after we had all eaten lunch. We hopped onto the four wheeler and headed over to the lake with our families behind us in the truck with the puppy. I thought nothing of the fact that everyone went with us just to see the puppy swim. Little did I know they were all in on the upcoming surprise. We pulled up to the lake and Tanner got off and headed towards our fire pit near the edge of the lake. We had built that fire pit the previous summer on one of our camping trips at the lake. As everyone pulled up in their vehicles he looked at me and I knew something was up. He told me that he had been lying to me the past few weeks about what he’d been doing while I was at work. I was so confused as to why he was telling me this now. Then as everyone came over to where we were standing he reached into his pocket and said he had something important to ask me. He got down on one knee and opened the box and asked me to marry him. Bursting into tears I said yes and cried as his mom caught it all in pictures. The happiness that overwhelmed me was unbelievable. The most unexpected relationship had culminated in a life together, something we would both tell you now we never would have imagined happening…

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