Cynthia and Shane

imageHow we met: Shane and I met in the 2nd grade we started dating in the 3rd grade. We went to our first dance together in the 3rd grade and we dated even being so young for a long time. Throughout middle school we were friends until my sophomore year of high school, we started dating again and our love continues to grow everyday.

He is my best friend and always will be. He makes me happy and he is the love of my life — he is my elementary high school sweetheart!

how they asked: My day started off normal. It was Shane’s graduation and my mom woke me up to tell me that we were going to get our make up done and hair done.  We went and when we got home I put on my red dress that I had picked out a month back to wear with some little red heels. I met his family at his house and we went to graduation. After the ceremony was over everyone gathered on the field friends, family, and everyone from our school.

I noticed as we were taking pictures everyone down on the field started making a circle around me I was confused but I didn’t think anything of it (turns out my mom had messaged everyone about it). Then here comes my prince… he got down on one knee in front of half the graduation all our friends and family and he popped the question “will you marry me”?

Of course I said yes and I hugged and kissed him with happy tears!!! I am so happy I get to marry my best friend!!!