Cynthia and Sebastian

How We Met

Sebastian and I met at his parents’ place when we were roughly 14 years old (how crazy is that?!). My mom asked me to accompany her to a friends (my now future mother in law) house who had recently moved in from another city and whom she also wanted me to meet. As we were out on the terrace one of my brother in laws noticed there were guests in the house and decided to come out and greeted us, this is when his mom decides to Sebastian over to greet as well… little did I know that At that moment I was about to lock eyes with the love of my life, and 9 1/2 years later my future husband.

how they asked

Sebastian was smart, he chose my birthday to propose, so any weird movement I would just think it was because of that date. The day started off with me going to work, having lunch with my mom and sister, getting my nails done (he made sure I had that appointment made… goals!) etc. We had previously planned to have dinner with some friends at one of our favorite grill places that night and he told me to leave him in charge of inviting everyone.

As we arrived at the place everyone was already there, the setting was upon beautiful with lights, candles, flower centerpieces, and these gorgeous led lights balloons (to me this was all because of my birthday).. Hence the night goes on, I’m walking around the tables enjoying with everyone.. and when I’m with one of my cousins I suddenly realize I hadn’t seen him in a while so I ask her if she’s seen him, and she stared at me with this blank look on her face I could almost swear she had seen a ghost!

Out of nowhere 3 mariachis walked in and started singing towards me! (Still thinking this was because of my birthday) It’s not until I see my future father in law arriving on a HORSE with arose and stuffed animal in hand that I realized what was about to go down! (By this time I was already crying my eyes out hahaha) , then my dad came around on ANOTHER HORSE with a rose in hand (not forgetting to mention he arrived from the states that exact day and I was mad at him…he hadn’t called nor congratulated me.. it was all planned out to perfection)…

Lastly, Sebastian came in on ANOTHER HORSE. I can swear I saw him walking in slow motion towards me when he got off that horse, kneeled on one knee and with the ring of my dreams inside a rose asked me to marry him! I said YES to us and a lifetime together!!!

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