Cynthia and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met September of 2015. He actually crashed my birthday party at a trampoline park in Pittsburgh. We had the same friends and they invited him to join us. I honestly don’t think I even really talked to him that day and we even sat beside each other at dinner! A month later my roommate had a Halloween party at our apartment and he showed up again. This time we talked for a good half hour about how much I loved sports but my friends were not really into attending basketball games and sporting events in general. We continued to talk over the next couple of months and ended up deciding to attend a WVU basketball game in January.

Our first outing was one that we will never forget. The weather in Morgantown, WV had turned into a blizzard and the town had become grid-locked. I was about to call him to tell him to just say let’s go to another game but he told me he was on his way. He actually ended up putting his car in a ditch that night on his way to pick me up! I was starting to question his sanity when he told me he was going to just leave his car in the ditch and walk to meet me at my apartment. But, we ended up making it to the game by the end of the first half, just in time to watch our favorite team take down the number 1 ranked team in the nation.

Who knew that this crazy first “date” would turn into me falling in love. Over the next few months we started taking more adventures ranging from New York City, Philadelphia, DC, Colonial Williamsburg, etc, etc. We were quite the travelers. Our ultimate adventure came in July when he met me in Alaska for one of my rotations. It was the weekend of July 4th and he had decided to plan this fun getaway to Denali National Park. I hadn’t anticipated what would happen next. As we got into the center of Denali National Park he sat me on a rock to tell me he loved me!!! It was so sweet, and right then and there I knew that he was the one!

how they asked

A couple days before the proposal my best friend from college flew to DC to spend a long weekend with me. We had quite the plans that all began with attending the White House Christmas Tree Lighting that Thursday. Honestly we just really wanted to see Kelly Clarkson! Friday we spent the afternoon doing some shopping in downtown DC and then Christen decided that we should get our nails done (which I’m glad we did!). She had originally told me that she wanted to get all dressed up for Saturday and head to Georgetown for a girls day. I didn’t really suspect anything since my other friend Brooke was coming into town and I knew Ryan had football tickets (or so I thought).

Saturday morning rolled around and it was freezing outside!! Naturally, Christen had decided that we should wear dresses for the day. I wasn’t thrilled but was willing to play along for a while. We had already had plans to experience our first blowout at Dry Bar in Georgetown. Ladies, if you have never been to a Dry Bar, you need to go! After getting fabulous blowouts we spent our day hanging out around Georgetown visiting all the local boutiques and of course hitting up Georgetown Cupcakes- my favorite cupcake shop ever!! I could tell the girls were getting slightly ansy at the cupcake store but wasn’t quite sure why. I knew we were supposed to head to the Harbour to have dinner and then go ice skating but we seemed to have a lot of time before our reservation so I wasn’t worried about time.

As we approached the Harbour, the girls ended up ditching me inside the Starbucks and told me to meet them at the fountain. As I approached the fountain, Christen tried to get me to take off my coat. It was really cold out and I was already feeling frozen so I started to put up resistance. As we started to get in a little argument I could see Ryan approaching me.

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As soon as I saw that he was all dressed up and then saw one of my really good friends, Callie Lindsey, who is a professional wedding photographer, I knew what was going on! It was the sweetest proposal, even if he did forget to put the ring on initially! :)

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Special Thanks

Callie Lindsey
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