Cynthia and Ricky

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Resort

How We Met

In November 2013 I hired into Disneyland as a cashier on Main Street in Quick Service Restaurants. Shortly after having worked a few shifts is when I had met Ricky Robinson, (who instantly I thought was tall, dark and handsome, and was the nicest person I had ever met). I was aware that he had a girlfriend at the time but it was well known that it was a very rocky relationship and many felt the person he was with at the time was not the right match for him. Once his relationship had ended and after some time, we had one distinct conversation that I will always remember. It was a conversation that we had where I can truly say it was like “love at first sight”. We just had a simple conversation about our hometowns, (which we found out we had grew up in the same area) and for some reason knowing we had a similar upbringing I suddenly pictured our lives together. After that conversation I actually got embarrassed because I thought to myself, “why am I daydreaming about this guy that I barely even know”? Well, fast forward to less than a year later after that conversation, we would start dating into what has now become the rest of my life!

Cynthia's Proposal in Disneyland Resort

How They Asked

August 1, 2019 was the day of the proposal, as well as our 5 year anniversary. Leading up to this Ricky had kept talking about our engagement approaching so I was aware the possibility a proposal was coming soon but I was just unaware of when. He had expressed a few times he would never propose on our anniversary date because it was too “cliche”. The day of our anniversary he had told me that there were going to be multiple surprises for the day and it started out by getting our feet done together. After we got our feet done we had to drop off our dog at a friend’s house for the weekend because we were going out of town. After that, he starts driving to the next surprise and he doesn’t tell me where we are going until we end up at Disneyland and he tells me that we have Club 33 reservations at 5 pm in Disneyland.

While we are entering the gates he starts telling me that he really needs to use the restroom so we both proceed to go to the restrooms nearby City Hall on Main Street. When I come out that is when I see one of my best friends and old co-workers from Disney holding roses and a poster of her and I with a note written by Ricky underneath the photo. I am so confused because Ricky is nowhere to be seen. From there I begin to start the scavenger hunt of a lifetime and she begins to escort me to the a stop which I am then met by his cousin his fiance. They then take me to the next location which is where mine and Ricky’s old coworkers have posters of Ricky and I with a love note and clues that lead me to the next place. From there I get escorted to find his parents with a poster and a clue, and lastly I am lead to my family. Overjoyed by the love and people at each stop I soon find out that the scavenger isn’t done until I go on the top deck of the Mark Twain boat which is where I then am greeted by all the family and friends that I just ran into at the stops plus more waiting for me. I see him standing in front of them all and that is where he asks me to marry him. Once I say yes and he puts the ring on my finger, the Mark Twain blows it’s horn and rings it’s ship bell, and at that moment it felt like a real dream coming true!

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