Cynthia and Michael Anthony

Cynthia's Proposal in Restaurant Grigio

How We Met

I met Anthony when I was 19 years old at a mutual friend’s birthday party at (what turned out to be) one of our favourite bars. I’ll always remember: he walked in wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates cap and a hoodie with a vest like it was the year 2000 all over again ha! We spent the entire night getting to know each other and when the bar was closing shop, he walked me out like a true gentleman, holding me on his arm to make sure I didn’t stumble over! I remember the birthday girl asking us how long we had known each other for and through a chuckle I said, “tonight!”

how they asked

Anthony and I had been living together for a year (and we’re both Italian!) so we had definitely spoken about getting married. Although I didn’t want, my parents insisted we go out to celebrate my 25th birthday. The day of the “dinner”, I spent the whole day with Anthony without the slightest clue that he was about to change my life the night of. When I walked into the restaurant I was surprised with my entire family as well as Anthony’s who had come out to celebrate my birthday. I was so happy and the celebrations began! Or so I thought. After dinner, I was opening up my gifts and naturally, Anthony’s gift was saved for last. He had made me a scrapbook with all of the amazing memories we had shared over the last six years. When I reached the last page, there was a picture of a ring (my ring) written “you said yes…?” and as I turned to look at him Anthony was down on one knee flashing the biggest smile holding the same ring as the picture. And then, the real celebrations began…!

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