Cynthia and Jordan

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How We Met

I met Jordan in middle school, we were band geeks. I played the clarinet and he the saxophone, I sat in front of him and I would always find an excuse to turn around and stare at him ? We were from different cliques so even though for band class we knew or each other I had never spoken to him. This went on well into high school were not one word was ever spoken to one another, I never tried either I didn’t think he would be interested in me. It wasn’t until after we both graduated and gone our separate ways that we crossed paths again at a party my cousin was having (I didn’t even know they were friends) my family knew how big a crush I had on him and through that we began dating. It was a dream he was too good to be true, treated me with respect and care, baked me a cake for my bday, would open doors for me, be at every event my family had. But, I was young and naive and felt I didn’t deserve it. We again went our separate ways for 6 years! Throughout this whole time he was known to me as “the one that got away” Until one day I thought I’d try one last time to reach out to him on Facebook. I waited what felt like an eeternity but was really on 2mins for his response. We met up for coffee to just catch up. He tells me he’s always liked me and never knew why we didn’t work out he assumed I didn’t like him as much as he did me. We didn’t waste time we began dating again as if we never stopped.

how they asked

A year and some after that on 8/8/16 he and I were on the prier in Huntingron Beach, he was beyond nervous since nothing has gone to plan for him, but I still found it beautiful. He prides himself on being a great dancer, which he is :) there was some romantic music playing from the restaurant outside and we danced then he twirled me around. When I turned to face him he was on one knee! I was shocked, I was nervous I was scared, I was so in love with this man that I didn’t wait to even hear the question lol I said yes!!!!! He proposed to me on the beach at the exact place he asked me to be his girlfriend he know asked me to be his wife. ☺️ And now we are married and expecting our first baby, a girl we will name Aria made from love ❤️

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