Cynthia and Jay

Cynthia and Jay's Engagement in Carmel NY
Jay and I met in high school when I was 15 years old . We always like each other but timing was never right for dating . We reconnected in college and starting dating my junior year . I had always told my friends I knew jay was going to be my husband one day . Our relationship thrived and strengthened throughout nursing school for me and Jay’s police academy. Due to our careers jay and I were like passing ships in the night for most of the spring and early summer! On our first day off together in what seemed like a week and a half of not seeing each other we spent all day at the beach . That evening jay completely caught me off guard when he proposed on the deck of his family home as the sun was setting ! Our parents happened to be out to dinner together when jay proposed! The best part about our proposal was I wasn’t expecting it at all . In the months leading up to jay proposing , I would always make sure I was dressed nicely with not a hair out of place on our date nights just in case he would propose. The night of our proposal was one of the best days ever and I’m excited to marry my best friend !!