Cynthia and Ivan

How We Met: We met at his birthday party, his friend introduced us. I didn’t believe him so he showed me his ID. I took his phone and snuck my number in it. We hung out, danced, and held hands all night. He walked me to my car and we had our first date the next day.

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Image 2 of Cynthia and Ivan

how they asked: Well, he is a romantic and sneaky guy. He tricked me thinking we were going to Disneyland for our 5 year anniversary. So, I woke up early only to have breakfast in bed! We made our way out to drink coffee in the patio and he kept bugging to exchange cards. he read mine first and brought mine out after. It was a clue for a scavenger hunt!

Image 3 of Cynthia and Ivan

The clue read to get ready and head to his car for the second clue.

Image 4 of Cynthia and Ivan

That clue gave me directions to go to a hair salon. He was able to schedule a hair stylist on a SUNDAY! I got my hair done and he sent me a text for the third clue, which was in his car trunk.

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Image 6 of Cynthia and Ivan

That lead me to our home for another scavenger hunt BUT for DRESSES!! I found them and well.. he tried really hard.. luckily he anticipated such and sent me to the store. I got to go shopping and picked out the best dress for our HOT DATE. I got text to go find the forth clue and that clue told me to go to our favorite restaurant.

Image 7 of Cynthia and Ivan

I was greeted by my little sis and we had great food! He left a clue in the restaurant menu for me, those waitresses and host knew all along too. The fifth clue sent me to our Alma Mater (CSUN!!!) more specifically the benches we would meet and hang out at in the early mornings from 2-3AM during the first few months of dating.

Image 8 of Cynthia and Ivan

I was hoping he was there, finally, but nope I had look for the sixth clue. That clue said to pick him up at his job. FINALLY!!! after not seeing him all day, we finally got to see each other. He drove me to the Will Roger’s beach and we walked down the beach..okay we had to walk a lot. Then, I saw candles, ribbons, gems, a candle-tree, pillows, and champagne. He told me that he loved me and he wanted to propose on our lavaliere anniversary, but life happens. He then got on one knee and proposed. I just cried, haha, and said yes! He had his friends help and they created a chalk board for us to write “She said YES!”

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