Cynthia and Israel

Image 1 of Cynthia and IsraelHow We Met: Israel and I met at work like many couples do, but we met by total accident. At the time I was the Lean Coordinator for the site and Israel worked for one of the departments I looked over.

Unfortunately, it took a down sizing of the company for us to meet. The staff at hand had been reduced down to one shift and he was now working on my shift.

Because my position required a lot of interaction with the associates I so happened to finally make my way to his department.

It actually took a few months for him to even look at me and finally one day while having lunch with a group of associates.. he offered me some M&Ms.. (The FIRST time I heard him really talk) I kindly said, “Yes.”

I grabbed the bag and continued to pour a few candies onto the palm of my hand only to realize there was only 3 left…” That’s it??” I sad sarcastically ” How can you offer me just 3 M&Ms?” he smiled and simply shrugged his shoulders. I finally made him feel comfortable enough to even smile at me.. we became instant friends and as we became closer I opened up and told him I was going thru a divorce and had 4 children. By that time we had realized we had feelings for each and so I tried and tried to tell him he deserved more( actually I tried breaking up with him) but nothing seemed to push him away. Which made me fall in love with him completely!

His love was exactly what I needed to be able to survive such a hard time not only in my life but my children. He put a smile on my face and love back in my heart..We dated for a year when we found out we were expecting a baby of our own. Israel was over the moon! ( his first baby and a BOY) All so sudden but I had no doubt he would be an amazing father.. He had already proven so with my children.

how they asked: Months go by and we start talking and planning our Co-Ed baby shower. (Which I’m so over) but since it’s his first baby.. I thought what the heck!

Image 2 of Cynthia and Israel

We planned our baby shower for months and in the mist of planning I said out loud, ” wouldn’t it be awesome if you proposed at the baby shower? All our family and friends will be there!” He looked at me and said, ” I would really like for you to be done with your divorced..” I got shut down on the spot.. I thought well I’m pregnant why would it matter now?!? But I dropped the topic and simply said “yea you are right.”

Image 3 of Cynthia and IsraelLet me stop for a sec… I have a bad habit of being on my phone.. And even worse I love being on an app called “offerup” sort of like Craigslist.. Ok so remember that..

Anyways, the day of our shower arrived 9/26/2015! We are stressing out as we are expecting 70 guest! Guests are arriving and the day is going fantastic! We had decided we didn’t want to do the corny baby shower games so we did a raffle for our guest… He kept asking are you going to start? When are you going to start the raffles?

I wanted everyone to finish eating so I kept pushing the raffle off.. Israel said, let’s do the raffle it’s getting late.. So we started.. First prize is given.. Then the second prize.. By the third prize.. As I was about to call the winning ticket he tells me, ” look what I found on Offerup!” “Huh?!? Now?!? ”

Image 4 of Cynthia and IsraelI thought to myself!! He said look! As he hands me his cell phone I read the “offerup” posting… The title said.. I like you, I adore you, I love you… Because you mean the world to me I want to spend my life with you! Will you marry me?

Izzy…. And there on the posting was the picture of the ring! I’m still confused! I look over at him and he is on one knee with the same ring from the posting! My family lets out a super loud cheer!!!

And I said yes!! Right in the mist of celebrating our Son He asked me to be his wife!! :) best surprise ever!!

Image 5 of Cynthia and Israel