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How We Met

Our story starts way back when we were in high school. David and I met through our parents at our local church. I was planning my quinceañera and my mom was extra particular about who my honor escort would be. But the moment she met David she knew he would be the perfect guy for the role. I didn’t like David at the time as I thought he was too shy to handle my loud personality but I felt bad “rejecting” him to be in my court so I paired him off as my friend’s escort to keep him included. Little did I know that months of practicing our dance routine for my big party would actually draw me closer to David and I ended up falling for him. The rest is history! We’ve been through every milestone together since then: high school graduations, college graduations, grad school celebrations and now our engagement!

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Cynthia and David's Engagement in Laguna Beach, CA

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10 years is probably enough time for a guy to decide that he wants to propose, and that’s how long we’ve been together but only because we started so young as high school sweethearts. I’m currently finishing optometry school so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The day before the proposal, David’s mom had mentioned to me that his family wanted to take me out to a birthday lunch (my birthday was that upcoming week). Since I didn’t have anything else major planned for my birthday, they invited my family as well so we could all celebrate at once. Everything was basically all set for that day because I thought I was getting ready for my birthday celebration (nails done, hair and makeup done, etc). I had no clue! On the day of the proposal, David and I were doing normal things (aka Target runs) before heading out to our planned lunch. David claimed that his mom had chosen a restaurant that they had never been to in Laguna Beach. The day and weather couldn’t have been more perfect! It had been cold the whole week but that day was so sunny and beautiful! When we arrived, our immediate families were already there and had put our names down to get seated. His sister came over to us and said that they were just going to go down to the beach to kill time while we were called to be seated. She mentioned that there were a lot of people down at the beach and we could all take some family photos because the scenery was so beautiful. So we went down and started walking around when I noticed my mom and brother “hiding” nearby with their cameras out. Before I could think more about it, David led me to a heart that had been outlined with roses in the sand. He brought me inside the heart and then walked away before everyone starting yelling “Happy birthday Cynthia!” I was very confused that this was all for my birthday haha. But when David came back to me, he brought a rose and this is when I knew! I couldn’t hold back my tears as the moment I had always dreamed of was happening in that moment. He asked me to marry him and I said yes even before realizing that my dream ring was placed inside the rose the whole time! What made it even more special was that our closest family members were all there to witness and capture the moment. We were able to take pictures at the beach and capture the sunset which made the whole day complete and better than I could have ever dreamed about it!