Cynthia and Chris | Modelling Shoot Proposal

Marriage Proposal at Modelling Shoot (1)

How We Met – by Cynthia: Chris and I met at a very interesting time.. He was dating someone and I, myself, was in a relationship with another person! But luckily one of our mutual friends invited me to my first church dance. If it wasn’t for that night who knows where we would be! We were all talking around with our friends and then he asked me to dance. He taught me how to dance Bachata.. We danced for a while before we decided to take a break. Afterwards all of our friends and ourselves decided to go get something to eat. That night Chris and I talked for the longest. I never wanted to stop talking to him. It was this unexplainable pull I had towards him. I never wanted to leave his side. (Weird because we both had someone in our lives..) Well after a couple of weeks we both ended up single.. And ready to mingle! Well with one another.. Haha, thats when we would be really friendly with each other. Just acting as casual friends do. Eventually he ended up becoming one of my closest friends to the point of me telling him everything. Even after church activities we would stay after everyone else just talking for hours, not caring if we had to work early the next morning. The closer we got , our interest and feelings for each other grew. The night before his birthday was the first beautiful memory we shared together. Around11:30 to midnight. It’s safe to say Chris got his Birthday kiss! After that everything just sparked and started going. Now months later, many kisses, tears, and memories, we’re finally engaged!

how they asked – by Chris: In the beginning of this video Travis asked me “…any idea on what you’re going to say or is it just going to come out?.” And I replied ” I don’t know, Obviously I can’t lie. But I think I’m just going to go with the heart.” I really had no idea on what to say other than “will you marry me?” Before I started walking towards her I had gathered my thoughts and some interesting words that I wanted to say. I started walking as I was getting closer my heart started pumping and the next thing you know I’m right there. I tap her on her shoulders and say “babe, I want to spend the rest of life with you.” After that I froze for a half a second and just decided to kneel before I start saying nonsense! Then I asked her “will you marry me?” I just remember the feeling I had that it was just me and her at that moment and the rest of the world was on pause. Luckily she said yes! I couldn’t be more happier!

Marriage Proposal at Modelling Shoot (2)

Marriage Proposal at Modelling Shoot (3)

Videography by: Felicia Su’a Films
Photography by: 25images Photography