Cynthia and Caden

Cynthia's Proposal in Malibu State Park

How We Met

I moved back to my hometown to work as an EMT. Caden and I first met when we were doing our driving tests for the ambulance. Then as orientation/training came to an end it was time I got my new permanent shift. I walked in on my first day and Caden was my partner. We clicked immediately (as maybe you would or wouldn’t spend 24 hours for a shift together). About a month later we started dating and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Malibu State Park

how they asked

For my 23rd birthday, Caden said we were going to take couples photos as my gift. I had been dying for some photos (his sister is a photographer). We had so much fun going around the Malibu state park trail taking pictures. After a while, we stopped to take a break and find a new spot to shoot and I sat on a log to change back into my heels (had Nike’s on for the hiking but not for the pictures!!) and Caden went to take my shoes to put it with the rest of our stuff. I was just sitting on the log waiting for Caden to come back to take Moreno pictures and as he came back up he just started telling me he loved me and he loved how our relationship was and that he’d have no problem spending the rest of his life with me.

He then pulled out a box from his pocket and dropped to one knee. I couldn’t help but so the cliche hands over mouth omg moment. I said yes before he even finished asking if I would marry him!

Special Thanks

Corie Christianson