Cynné and Ephei

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How We Met

I have never been a social drinker, nor a frequent pub visitor. But on that Sunday night, I happened to accept my girlfriend’s invitation to join her at a pub in the city. It was a misty night, with crispy cold air, those ones you’ll get between the changing seasons. I wrapped a leather jacket over my ‘little black dress’. It was still not warm enough. The jug of old tap beer didn’t help either. A group of Frenchmen were talking very loud next to us, they’d laugh, and shook the table. I started to get a little fretful, everything around me was a bit overwhelming. I was going to call it the night and make a quick exit. Through my friend’s cigarette breath I saw a couple walked into the bar, bought some extra cold air over their shoulders. An Asian guy, and an Indian girl? I noticed, how interesting. I was not judging, but their combination of races took my attention. The couple split right after ordered their drinks, and the girl joined the French team soon after. She clearly escalated their interesting conversation, because the laughs went over the roof.

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I sat and watched, amazed by the union of different culture. “Is it alright if I join you?” someone interrupted my thoughts. It was him. The Asian guy. This time, without his Indian partner. Of course, she is with the French, and they’re still chatting SO loud. What does he want? “Err, sure.” I answered quickly. Amazed about the fact it contradicts the decision in my head. I should’ve said no! My girlfriend jumped into the conversation and started to introduce ourselves, he looked like he had something to say, but he didn’t. “So, who are you and what do you do?” my friend got into an interrogation mode. “Ephei, is my name. And I am a student at RMIT. Undergrad Civil.” “You’ve got a strange accent, is it…” “I’m from RMIT too! Schoolmates woohoo!!” Girlfriend being a girlfriend and interrupted me, “Are you from China?” She continued to interrogate. “Originally, yes, but then my family moved to Japan. I went to UK for high-school and part of the university…” Still a very strange accent, I thought, this time didn’t say out loud.

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I tried very hard in my brain to figure out what were the elements in combination of this unique accent: Japanese, Chinese and a little bit of British? No, definitely more Jap, less Chinese. His Indian partner started to walk towards our table. Looks like they’re leaving. “Please, let me introduce. This is my good mate KL.” He signed, “But looks like she’s had a bit too much to drink and I’m the driver to take her home.” They are leaving. But they’re just mates. Good. Good? Why is that good for? He got up and bought out his phone. It has one of those heavy duty cases, solid and indestructible. Typical engineer nerds. “Can I please get your number??” He looked at both of us. What does that mean? Your number, as both of yours?? Girlfriend took his phone and started typing. Oh good, it has nothing to do with me. But he gave me his phone, this time, into my hand. “Can I please get your number?” No mistake this time, he is definitely asking ME. He wants MY number. Or, is it because I am next?

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Many years later, when we happened to be talking about that very first night and how we met. I confronted him with his intention. He said he laid his eyes on me the moment he stepped into that pub. The moment, through my friend’s foggy cigarette breath? I have noticed that moment when our sights met, for less than a second. But I was not tracing it. Frankly, I drifted away and lost in the culture, the races and the fascinating fact that two people from so far away collided in one singular moment, presented at the same time same place and met each other’s eyes at the same very second. It was destiny, and this is our story. To celebrate our heritages, I picked a vintage Kimono made from the finest Japanese silk and hand stitched by my talented future-grandmother in law. I chose pink magnolia as my hairpiece because it has the same meaning in Mandarin as my Chinese name. We wore couple socks on the day with cute Mount Fuji on them, and they’re from Haneda airport. Our beautiful chocolate labrador Choco was wearing a stripped navy blue suit bought by my mother. She is so fond of him. I invited my old friend Martin and his partner Danni to be our photographers, and together they’ve done such a stunning job! Enjoy!

how they asked

It started with all the usual stuff. Taking you somewhere special over the weekend, having your closest girlfriend and her partner “suspiciously” turn up at the same spot, and getting blindfolded etc…

But it is our chocolate labrador Choco and what he did that made the entire proposal special. He had a #gopro strapped on a GoPro harness and video tape the entire proposal. And somehow from his special angle, everything looked extra special! Despite several minutes long footage of birds, sand and lake, Choco has stayed pretty much the entire proposal with the most perfect angle.

Special Thanks

Martin Maras