Cynda and Jacob

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How we met

I met Jacob while I was on vacation in Pismo Beach from Fresno. I was there with my best girl friends for my birthday weekend. We exchanged phone numbers and figured we would keep in touch, but neither of us took our encounter very seriously. Soon, we were talking to each other nonstop and driving back in forth to see each other every weekend. I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Pismo to be with him. Our love has intensified ever since.

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how they asked

I left work early to be able to meet my mom, dad and one-year-old daughter Makenna at the end of the street where Cynda and I first lived together in Shell Beach. It was such a romantic location near our first home, and I knew Cynda would appreciate the sentimental value. Then, I got our daughter dressed in a special pink shirt that said “Will you marry my daddy?”

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Cynda left school that day and arrived home to the sign I left in the garage saying “Meet me at the end of the street of our first place together”. She had no idea what was happening, but she followed the directions. We patiently waited with flowers, champagne and the ring!

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When Cynda got to the beach, I gave her the flowers, and she noticed Makenna’s new shirt. She sat on a bench overlooking the beach and holding our daughter as I got on one knee. I never knew I would be so nervous to ask a question, but I was so excited to hear her say “yes!”

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