Cydney and Zach

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How We Met

Our story actually starts back in 2009 when we met in math class in 7th grade. Zach sat behind me and so I introduced myself since we had never met before and we began talking and just hit it off as friends. A few weeks later, he started pulling my ponytail to get my attention (really he was flirting) and I asked the teacher if I could move to a different seat! Haha… I eventually ended up moving back and started talking to him again. Everyone kept telling me that he liked me but I didn’t want to believe it! But it was true.. and now I feel bad for always going to him about boyfriend problems and breakups haha.

Fast forward to 2011, we began our freshman year of high school. Zach and I hadn’t talked all summer and we were excited to see each other in class again. As cheesy as it sounds, when I hugged him after our first class, it was like something instantly clicked between us and I started crushing on him! I couldn’t have a crush on him.. he was my best friend and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. We started talking and on September 16, 2011, we officially started dating, and we never looked back.

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how they asked

The night before the proposal, my three girlfriends, Elisabeth, Katriel, Courtney, and I had a sleepover/Christmas gift exchange. We all go to different colleges so it was nice to finally have some time together! The night was filled with face masks, sparkling grape juice, and movies. The plan was for us to get our nails done in the morning and to get dressed up for a fun photo shoot at Cade’s Cove. None of this was out of the ordinary because Elisabeth loves photography and we desperately needed our nails done!

So we wake up the next morning, get ready, and go to get our nails done. Little did I know that Zach had planned out a schedule and was trying to get the girls to stall since we were an hour ahead of schedule! We went to Target and looked around and then to Panera to eat lunch. We began talking about when we would go to Cade’s Cove and Courtney had to park her car somewhere else because she had to go to a family event right after the “photo shoot”.

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So we begin our drive to Cade’s Cove, and I accidentally take a wrong turn and it takes us longer to get there. After 2 hours of driving, we finally get to the Cove and start taking some pictures. After taking about 10 pictures, Elisabeth then says, “I have to go to the bathroom”. Well, the bathrooms are at the end of Cade’s Cove.. but we go anyway and I tell her to hurry and I wasn’t getting out of the car. Once I said that, all three girls start saying “come on! You have to!”. So I get out and we walk up to the bathroom and then Courtney says “will you go get a hairbrush out of your car for me?”. Why did she need a hairbrush?

I was so frustrated because we didn’t take many pictures and they were making me go back to the car now. I walk out of the bathroom and down the path to the car when I hear a familiar voice say “hey!” from behind the bathroom. It was Zach! I was so shocked and confused and could not wrap my head around what was going on. He had told me he was at work! I instantly began crying because I knew something was about to happen.

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Zach then said, “let’s go for a walk”. We walked down a trail and I started noticing signs hanging up, lights around the trees, music playing, and pictures of us.

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He had printed off 45 pictures of us and our relationship from the past five years and hung them down the path that led to a little bridge over a creek. I couldn’t stop crying! When we walked up to the bridge he started telling me all of these sweet things but the one that stood out the most was, “The reason I wanted to propose at the base of the mountain is because I want to climb the rest of it up with you”. He then got down on one knee and I said yes!!

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Little did I know he had planned one more thing. He led me over to a little tree stump and I sat down. He began explaining about how Jesus washed the disciples feet, and how he said to love your wife as Christ loved the church. I am so honored to get to call this man my husband one day.

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When he was done, he yelled for all of our friends and our parents to come out from hiding! The proposal was more than anything I have ever dreamed of growing up and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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