Cydney and Kaylor

how we met

We actually met through my sister! Kaylor and Lauren were freshmen at Texas A&M together and became the best of friends. I guess when Lauren felt like the time was right she really put in the effort to get us to meet. When we did I swear it was love at first sentence, if that’s a thing? Haha. We both introduced ourselves and instantly told a joke and fed off each others energy. I wasn’t a big dater until I met Kaylor and I was like SIGN ME UP.

how they asked

I’m nosey and figured he could never pull of a full surprise because I always plan everything. But like I said (better than a dream guy) not only was it a surprise but he didn’t miss a beat with anything. Three months prior he told me about a company party we would have to attend on my birthday September 29th. I was obviously kind of bummed but that’s part of being an adult right? I didn’t think anything of it. 1 month out we got an invite in the mail from his boss letting us know the time and where. Kaylor asked if I wanted to get a hotel so it would still feel like a special birthday (hello, dream guy!!!!) I said we didn’t have to, but he insisted!

So he got the hotel and we planned to be there that night. The day before my birthday came and I didn’t get really a special outfit or anything because I figured I would just wear jeans and a cute top. Kaylor’s mama QUICKLY turned that idea down (thank goodness). We are very close so I asked advice on what to wear since it was the first work event I was going to for Kaylor. She picked me up because we were getting my nails done (birthday tradition) and it turned into a day of shopping to find the right outfit! Nails, check. Outfit, check. Ready for the day!

I woke up on my birthday to breakfast in bed (I’ll say it time and time again, dream guy) but had a huge headache so I took a 4 hour nap… if that doesn’t tell you that it was a surprise I don’t know what will hehe, no one I know could sleep if they knew what was coming. I woke up got ready and we headed to the Marriott Marquis in Houston. We get up to our hotel to drop our stuff off to go to the party and when I opened the door cameras were flashing, there were balloons, candles, flowers surrounding one spot. I look at who’s in the room and it’s my sister and her friend who is a photographer (Phoenix Fregia). I STILL didn’t know what was happening. I though (being a blogger) that he had just set up a photo shoot. (I’ve had brighter moments). He then brought me in the middle got down on one knee and I honestly don’t remember if I let him ask before I said yes. If you know me I immediately started asking questions (I never know nothing about stuff so this was a first for sure). “Should I call my mom” “do we still have a dinner” “did you ask my dad” (he did of course). Kaylor was like, “SLOW DOWN! Stop crying we need to take pictures”, knowing I would be so mad if I messed these pictures up with happy tears. As we walk across discovery green for “dinner”. We walk in to see the back half of the restaurant closed off. I come around the corner and see my whole family, Kaylors family and our best friend. He knew I wanted them there on that day because family is everything to us. It was perfect, and exceeded every one of my expectations.

Special Thanks

Century Tree Productions
 | Photography
EPOCH CO+ Events
 | Event Designer
 | Apparel
Century Tree
 | Location