Just When Flash Mob Proposals Couldn't Get Any Cuter – Here's the One That Topped The Charts

Image 1 of LINA and SHANT

I wanted to do something special for Lina, my girlfriend (now fiancee), so I looked up some videos on Youtube and came across a flash mob proposal which I really liked. It was a video of a guy who started dancing along with other dancers and proposed to his girlfriend at Downtown Disney. I took that concept and incorporated it into the high school where I work at. I work in I.T. at Buena Park High School in Buena Park, California. I mentioned my proposal idea to our school dance teacher and asked if she can help. Without hesitation she said yes. From that point on for the next month I practiced with her dance team and we came up with a choreography to the song of “Will You Marry Me” by Bruno Mars.

Image 2 of LINA and SHANT

The practicing took a while because I did not have any formal dance experience. The dance teacher and I decided to have the flash mob proposal on the evening of January 27th, 2017 during halftime of our school’s varsity basketball game. I made up a fake story to get Lina and my parents, and brother (all of whom did not know what was about to happen) and told them all that I was going to be presented an award for my work accomplishments. As soon as halftime started and the basketball players cleared the court, and the dance team came on and started to dance. About a minute and half into the song is when I ran out onto the court and joined them. We had cameras rolling for multiple angles to catch the routine along with Lina’s reaction.

Image 3 of LINA and SHANT

After the song ended our dance teacher brought Lina onto the court and at that point I got down on one knee and proposed.

Image 4 of LINA and SHANT

Lina said yes, and her reaction was priceless, and the crowd went crazy :)

Image 5 of LINA and SHANT

Our Video

Special Thanks

Frannie Jaskowiak, high school dance teacher
 | Taught me how to dance and made the flash mob possible
Frannie's Dance Girls especially Amanda and Yanci who did the choreography
 | They allowed me to practice with them during 6th period over and over again
Jim Coombs & Sonje Berg & Sharon Hensley
 | Jim was the former principal who gave me the green light to do this, and Sonje is the current principal who also gave me the green light, along with Sharon our assistant principal and my direct boss. They all attended that night to see us :)
Lisa Scott and all her students
 | Lisa was in charge of our Associated Student Body and all her students made the "Lina, will your marry me" banner! Thank you also for providing the audio system and for recording our unforgettable evening :)