Cutest Proposal in History

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How We Met: Whitney (a great friend of mine) had been telling me about Ashley for months. One weekend last summer she came down and visited. Our connection was unreal and from that point I asked for her number and began a friendship with her. Even though she lived in Dallas at that time, I soon asked her on a date and 9 months later we got engaged!

how they asked: Ashley thought we were going to play in a soccer game that afternoon, but while we were on the way I drove her to an airport where a buddy of mine took us to a nearby city in his private plane. After the flight, we drove to a Texas-sized ranch house where a white tablecloth lunch was set up in an open field. With flowers on the table and just her and I next to each other…it was the perfect intimate environment where we could simply enjoy some solitude together. The catch was that that wasn’t the place I was going to ask her, nor the time. In a way, it was my form of a decoy. It was happening that night, but even then she thought she had plans for a “girls night out” with her roommates. Needless to say, we had a refreshing time there and flew back to Austin.

Plane Flight


Picnic 2

Meanwhile, friends from Atlanta, GA, her friends and family from Dallas, and our Austin community were flying in and meeting at my house for the real proposal that was happening around 7:00 pm. At 6 o’clock, a number of around 75-100 people met me at this simple park that Ashley and I would always go to. From 6:00-6:45 I taught, communicated and rehearsed a flash-mob style routine that I had been preparing for weeks to a Chris Brown song. At 7:00 I walked a block to the restaurant where she was meeting her girls at. She walked in and I met her in the middle of the room. Confused, I blind folded her and told her I wanted to show her something. Little did she know, the moment we walked out of the restaurant, her proposal experience was being filmed. We walked to the field where everyone awaited in eager silence. As she faced me and I faced her (and the crowd behind her), I cued the music. The song Next 2 You by Chris Brown began to play and I saw a smile on Ashley’s face. This song is one that we danced to and enjoyed together on multiple occasions.

I un-blindfolded her and turned her around. Pairs of people, from the left to the right, began to walk out from the crowd with signs: one with a date and the other with a correlating event that was significant to our story. From the time we met to when I asked her parents for their blessing, each chosen person that held a sign was specially linked to that specific event. Once her parents came forward and presented their sign, everyone stood in front of us and outlined our story with the signs. At a key part in the music, I gave a nod and everyone turned over their sign. Each sign then said May 14th. That was that day…and I then turned to her, got on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She said yes!

That was another significant date and event in our continual story. As that was going on, people began to move into what was going to become a flash mob dance. After I put the ring on her finger I left and joined in the dance that I choreographed. With her as the focal point, everything that was happening and everyone that was there was there for her and to celebrate us. As the song ended, everyone cheered and celebrated as we moseyed back to my house for an engagement party. I am still so thankful for everyone who came and made it special for Ashley and I.

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Credit: Jeweler: Marla’s Gem Creations
Videographer: Clint Bentley
Photographers: Tyler Collum and Callie Black
Choreography: Kathryn Waggoner and Branden Stathes
Pilot: Devin Voelter