Emily and Rich

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How we met

Where do I even begin. When I was 16 there was this older guy who was interning at my church. He was funny, irresistibly good looking, and athletic, so naturally I was left with no other option than to start crushing on him. Unfortunately for me, the fact that he was 4 years older left me viewed only as a little girl rather than a love interest.

Life went on, he was off at school, I remained here and eventually we reconnected when I was 18. This time, roles were switched and I stood as the intern and he was just someone who came back around. Well as chance would have it, I quickly starting crushing on him again, for the same reasons as before but this time the feelings were actually reciprocated. As soon as the internship was over, we wasted no time at all and had our first, imperfectly perfect date.

As cheesy as it sounds, the rest was history. And he’s loved me more and more every day since.

how they asked

Every group of family and friends each presented me with a card. It varied from one to the next, but they were all centered around memories we shared and moments that are unforgettable.

The first card presented, gave me three specific rules that I had to follow. It said:

‘Emily Michelle,
I love you. I’d like you to take a deep breath and enjoy.

1. Don’t rush, and place the card in the box
2. Walk slow and don’t read the card aloud
3. Your “ticket” to advance is by hugging each person with a balloon

I’ll see you soon!’”

Here I went reading the notes…

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“You inspire me. You challenge me. You love me. You’re beautiful. You are funny. I love everything about you Emily Michelle. (Hug and advance)”

proposal ideas with friends and family

proposal ideas with friends and family

friends help with proposal

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chicago proposal ideas

“I’m grateful we met at church. The foundation of our relationship is based off of God. So long as his hand is in our lives, we will remain happy. (Hug and advance)”

proposal ideas with friends and family

chicago marriage ideas

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“It amazes me that you chose me. I consider myself the luckiest. I will always be your man. I see you soon! (Hug and advance)”

proposal ideas with friends and family

engagement in chicago

friends and family in the proposal

“I’m excited to spend forever with you. However, I have a question for you….” (Hug and advance)

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After the proposal, they shot this stunning video:

Photos by Dana Ann Photography