Riley and Josh and the Cutest Christmas Marriage Proposal You'll Ever See

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How We Met

My best friend Addie started dating this guy named Bobby about three years ago. From then on out, I gave her a hard time and constantly asked “does he have any cute friends?!” Addie had just been home for Christmas with Bobby the last time I asked and she said, “Yes! Josh!” I was shocked she even had someone in mind. She said she had just met Bobby’s best friend and loved him. We then continued to screen his Instagram and Facebook and Addie talked up Josh for about three months after that. She came up with a plan that we would meet at a Tim McGraw concert in June. I was sad it was so far away, but went along with the plan! One day, Bobby finally told Josh about Addie’s plan to set us up and luckily, he happened to be home on spring break in March 2013 from Montana State University where he was a senior. Josh said he wanted to just meet me now so we could see if there was a spark there. No need for a build up!

Addie then texted me asking if I wanted to meet Josh that day! I was totally up for it! Addie picked me up and we went to meet Josh at our favorite frozen yogurt joint. I remember being so calm and Addie was freaking out! I truly believe that God gave me a sense of peace in that moment that he was about to give me a pretty awesome gift. Josh gave me the biggest hug when we met and just had the biggest smile on his face. I instantly melted. We sat and talked for about an hour before he had to go.

Later that night, Josh Facebook messaged me and asked for my number. We texted a bit and asked me on a date. I let him come up with what we did because I truly didn’t care. I just wanted to get to know him! He picked me up a couple nights later and we headed to Coronado Island, grabbed sandwiches, and sat on the beach to watch the sunset. We talked for about four hours about anything and everything: God, babies, family, school, work, and so much more. We both left that date know this was it. We would never go on a first date ever again. We held hands the whole way home and I don’t think I’ve ever been so giddy.

Addie had told me he definitely wouldn’t kiss me since it was only our first date. I thought that was so precious! I knew he really just wanted our time together to leave an impression. He gave me a huge hug and a couple days later he went back to Montana. For a couple months after that, we FaceTimed every day for hours a day until he came home and I FINALLY GOT MY KISS!

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how they asked

I am the office manager for a wonderful Southern California photographer, Analisa Joy Photography. She and her husband are two of mine and Josh’s best friends! Analisa also has two other employees, a second shooter named Chelsea and assistant editor named Ariana. Chelsea and Ariana are also two close friends, so working with all of these ladies is such a blessing and we have so much fun together! I came on board in June, shortly before Analisa found out she was pregnant with her first baby! With her maternity leave approaching, she decided to text me and plan a fun photo shoot for all of us so she could revamp her website while on maternity leave. We of course love any chance to get dressed up and have our photos taken! Analisa texted me some options for dates and I selected Monday, December 21st. Luckily it worked for the other girls too! We quickly started planning our outfits with the inspiration of plaid, sequins, tulle, and anything that looked “holiday glam” because we were taking our photos in the snow! I was extremely excited about this because I had never been to the snow!

The date quickly approached and we headed up to Analisa’s house Sunday night in Upland, just about an hour away from Lake Arrowhead where our shoot would take place. The next morning we woke up, got ourselves all dolled up, and headed up the hill to Lake Arrowhead. When we arrived, we saw Analisa’s husband Trent waiting for us. He plays a huge roll in Analisa’s business and was going to take photos with us. We began the shoot near the road in some beautiful trees and leaves. Trent became urgent that he needed to do his individual shots so he could take a business call. He walked away and we heard his conversation begin, but it trailed off as he went around the bend where he said he would meet us. We continued photos and eventually began walking around the corner towards the snow. Analisa took some shots of Ariana and I walking and talking, playing with our skirts, and heading into the snow. She had Ariana do some solo shots and then it was my turn. She told me to look down, play with my hair and skirt, and look side to side. I kept looking down because I was terrified I would slip and fall in my heels on the ice!

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Ariana was spotting Analisa as she walked backwards and Chelsea was grabbing shots of me from a different angle. As I turned a corner, I felt confident enough to look up and that’s when I saw Josh.

I instantly knew what was happening. I was reassured that Josh was there to propose when I looked at Analisa, already crying, and she didn’t stop me. She kept walking and smiling while capturing my very raw and emotional reaction. I then saw Chelsea and Trent pop out of the bushes with cameras in their hands and knew that the most amazing moment of my life was about to happen. My best friend and love of my life was about to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him in a magical winter wonderland.

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It seemed to be the longest walk of my life getting to where he was. As I got closer I heard him say “hey sweetie!” and somehow I mustered up “hi babe!”

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When I could clearly see his face, it was bright red from both freezing and crying as he stood next to an adorable sign that said “Merry Me?”. Tears were streaming down his smiling face! He put his arms out and we just stood there and hugged for what seemed like eternity. As we stood there I nuzzled into him and said “I need a minute. I never want to forget this feeling.” He then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and talked about how long we had waited for this moment. He then told me he was going to kneel on the blanket that was set up next to a mini Christmas tree, complete with presents underneath it, and our new stockings saying “J+R- Merry Me?” & “12.21.15- The Schimpfs).

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We had our very own Christmas scene! He then got down on one knee, as promised, and asked me to marry him. I shook my head yes and quickly attacked him with kisses! I was in absolute shock!!! He put the ring on my finger and I quickly squealed! I just kept saying “is this real life?!” over and over. He then pointed off into the distance where our best friends were hiding and our friend Casey was filming the whole thing! It was PERFECT! I instantly started crying more and tackled our sweet friends who had been hiding in the freezing snow, watching the magic unfold! I couldn’t believe that everyone pulled this off!

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Josh and I kept just staring at one another in complete shock. I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him! Analisa gave us our very own photo shoot with our props and friends until the reality that we were in the snow kicked in and we all started freezing! We then headed to a nearby restaurant where we called our friends and family and celebrated with some of our favorite people.

Our day was PERFECT. My future husband is the most loving, caring, and thoughtful man I have ever known and I can’t wait until the day that I get to call him mine forever!!

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