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How We Met: Jerris and I first met when I was about 16 years old. He was my older brother’s good friend and was also almost five years older than I so naturally I never thought I would have a chance. When I was finally an adult, my sister-in-law secretly encouraged Jerris to take me out. He refused numerous times because of the fact that I was his friend’s youngest sister and friends just don’t date each other’s sisters. He finally gave in and decided to take me on our first official date which would be the first time we had ever had a real conversation.

how they asked: On the morning of May 1st, 2013, I walked to my garage heading to have a normal day at work when I came to my car to find a sweet hand written note that said “Good morning my love, you will not be going to work today. Instead, you will take this blindfold and open the front door. I love you.”

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So I took the blindfold in my hand and headed to the front door where he was waiting patiently with beautiful roses in his hand. He put the blindfold around my eyes and we headed for some place I couldn’t see. When we finally arrived at our destination he carried me for some while and then let me down and told me to not take off the blindfold until he said he was ready. When the moment came, I took off the blindfold to find him down on one knee.

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He was so nervous and excited that he forgot most of what he had planned to say but it turned out perfect none the less. We spent the rest of the day going to all of our favorite beaches and restaurants and to my surprise he had planned a small engagement celebration at our favorite restaurant with our closest family and friends.

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Photos by Shea Christine