Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with a Nexus Diamond

According to a recent David’s Bridal survey*, more than 50% of engaged women want to change something about their engagement ring. The reasons range from simply disliking the design to having concerns about blood diamonds.

Bottom line: Women (and men!) should love their rings completely and wholeheartedly. The last thing you want is to have reservations when you look at that ring for the rest of your life.

Image 1 of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with a Nexus Diamond Custom-designed ring from Forever Artisans, featuring a Princess cut Contemporary Nexus Diamond with emerald cut side stones.

get what you want: custom design

The surefire way to know she’ll love the ring is to have her help design it. Companies like Forever Artisans specialize in creating custom designs. There are several ways to go about designing a custom ring—and it’s not as overwhelming as it might sound; you don’t have to be an artistic mastermind (because that’s what the jewelry designers are for).

Image 2 of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with a Nexus DiamondCustom engagement ring from Forever Artisans, featuring a cushion cut Nexus Diamond surrounded by a cushion-shaped halo and accented band.

First, you can modify a ring that you like. You’ll tell the designers what you like about it and what you’d change to make it one you love, and they make it happen.

Another way to go custom is to replicate a design seen on a celebrity using photos of the original. The designers will create something very close to the famous version.

And of course, you can go with a full custom design, which means you start from scratch with a sketch or by speaking with the designers to describe what you want.

address diamond concerns by choosing eco/ethical stones

The days of choosing the typical white mined diamond are over. There are so many choices that are more eco- and ethically-conscious while still speaking to a bride-to-be’s style. From colored stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires to lab-created diamonds, there’s no reason for couples to box themselves into the old adage of spending three months’ salary on a diamond ring.

Image 3 of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with a Nexus DiamondBali engagement ring with Oval cut Nexus Diamond, stacked with the Fiji band, an eternity band and the Marietta band from Diamond Nexus.

Forever Artisans uses eco/ethical diamond simulant stones from the sister company, Diamond Nexus. The stones, called Nexus Diamonds, are virtually identical to a mined diamond, but are chemically different.

Nexus Diamond alternatives are graded on the 4 C’s just like diamonds are, and every Nexus Diamond is completely colorless and internally flawless. Visually, they are indistinguishable from a diamond to the trained and untrained eye, and are even certified the same way mined stones are by AIG (American International Gemologists).

Image 4 of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with a Nexus DiamondA custom ring design from Forever Artisans featuring an Oval cut sapphire Nexus Color Stone in a square halo set with Nexus Diamonds.

And if a bride-to-be loves the look of a colored gem for her engagement ring á la Kate Middleton, Diamond Nexus also has lab-grown rubies, emeralds and sapphires that are chemically and visibly equivalent to those mined from the earth.

how does the cost differ from mined diamonds?

Remember that “guideline” about spending the equivalent of three months of your salary on an engagement ring? Forget that. It costs way less to produce a perfect Nexus Diamond than it does to mine a flawed, off-color diamond, so the price is significantly less than a mined stone (we’re talking around $1,216 for a 2.04 carat Tiffany-Style Solitaire ring with a Nexus Diamond).

Image 5 of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with a Nexus DiamondTiffany-Style engagement ring with a 2.40 carat Princess cut Nexus Diamond.

Though the cost of custom varies widely based on the size and number of stones, it’s highly likely that you’ll still spend less to get the exact ring she wants versus the mined diamond route.

At the end of the day, every woman should love her wedding ring. It’s not just a beautiful piece of jewelry—engagement rings represent the strength of the commitment to the marriage. So whether she loves an existing Diamond Nexus ring or wants to customize one with Forever Artisans, you know she’ll being saying yes to the proposal and the ring.

*Source: David’s Bridal “What’s On Bride’s Minds” survey, 2013.

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