Taylor and Curtis

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How We Met

Curt and I met in High School and instantly had a connection. I was only 16 and he was 17 so we went through it all including school dances, high school and college graduations, and more importantly 3 years of long distance during college. I knew from the moment I met him that he was the one and we have spent 6 happy years and can’t wait for our forever!

how they asked

We both have a love of Disney so it only made sense that we started going to Disney each year to celebrate our anniversary. I was so excited as we planned our trip for September to the happiest place on earth for our six year anniversary. When I told my friends and boss that Curt told me to go buy a new dress and get my nails done to take a nice picture in front of the castle, they had mentioned that he might propose. I tried not to let the thought excite me because we had always talked about getting engaged after I graduate (May 2017).

When I brought the idea to my mom, she immediately shot it down and said I would be upset if I went into this vacation hoping for a ring because it wasn’t going to happen. (Little did I know she called Curt and told him I was onto him when I left for work!) Later that night, I jokingly told him that my friends were telling me that he was going to propose and he got very upset. He told me almost the same thing that my mom did and to just enjoy the vacation without getting upset when it didn’t happen. I blocked it out of my mind and focused on going to my favorite place the next day, Disney!

We got to Disney late Thursday night and immediately checked into our room and headed to bed because we had an early morning ahead of us. Neither of us slept that night because I was so excited to be in Disney and he was nervous about proposing in the morning and getting the ring in the park without me noticing now that Disney put in metal detectors at the entrance.

Friday morning came and we got up and left for the park. We had both decided that we wanted some nice pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle because I wasn’t happy with the previous years. As we searched for a PhotoPass photographer, a woman who worked for Disney pulled us aside and asked to take our picture. We agreed and as we walked to the side of Main Street, she kept asking questions like “do you like each other?” and “do you love each other?”.

I thought he was going to get on one knee right there but boy was I wrong! He was just as confused as I was. She had us stand next to the Pandora display window with all of these beautiful rings and had me point to one and had Curt pull out his pockets and pretend he couldn’t afford a ring. After these pictures were taken, we walked away to go find our photographer again. Since I thought it was going to happen then, I was disappointed and did not want him to notice.

When it was our turn for our picture, I stood in position as Curt put his bag down next to the photographer. I noticed he was saying something to her and thought that it was strange but didn’t think anything of it. We took a few pictures and then I felt him pull away from me. As I turned to see what he was doing, he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

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Not only was I completely shocked but so happy that my childhood dreams of being proposed to in front of the castle came true!

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The photographer pulled us aside and took more pictures and then he pulled out pins and t-shirts he had made for our big day to remember forever!

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We are now planning a Disney wedding and can’t wait to spend forever together!

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