Curtis and Lizzie

How We Met: Chris and I met back in college, when we both attended Emory. We had mutual friends but never really connected. Years later, Curtis saw a facebook status I posted and realized we were both living in Tampa. He messaged me to ask if I’d like to get a beer, and I said yes. One and a half years later, here we are…

Image 1 of Curtis and Lizzie

how they asked: At the end of May, Curtis called in two of my friends, Mandi and Nikki, and asked for their help. He had been planning a trip to Savannah to see some of his college friends, and wanted me to come.

I didn’t know it, but he’d also made a connection in NC with a jeweler he had met a few months back, when he saved the man’s life after a stroke. With a little pre-planning, Curtis had called the jeweler and his family, and the jeweler’s son had designed me a custom ring. After a little more conversation, the jeweler’s family invited Curtis to spend some time with them at their beach house. They lined it up nicely so a weekend visit to Savannah with friends would be followed up by some time at Curtis’ “uncle’s” beach house. My friends requested some time off from my boss for me, and away we went.

After time in Savannah where everyone managed to keep their mouths closed, we headed to NC to meet Curtis’ “family”. We spent an afternoon on the beach, during which Curtis learns that the entire community knows about the upcoming proposal, and Curtis realizes he still hasn’t decided how to actually propose.

After a day on the beach, Curtis and I both shower and get ready for a BBQ. Once we get to the BBQ, it’s still not quite sunset yet, so our host suggests they run down to the beach. I find out later that Curtis enlisted the help of some of the kids to run down and set things up, while he and I meandered on down. Once we got to the sand, I didn’t notice anything but the water and the beautiful weather. Apparently Curtis was worried I’d notice the lanterns or the people scampering away, and ruin the surprise. Curtis then lead me to the lamps, and pretends he doesn’t know what they are. I didnt think to read them as we walked, so when we got around near the water, I turned to look at the lanterns and read the words written in the sand.

As I read the words “Lizzie will you marry me?” Curtis knelt down behind me. I turned, and he asked out loud “Lizzie will you marry me?”. Apparently it took me awhile to say yes because I was just screaming and squeaking and crying. After about 3 minutes Curtis reminded me I hadn’t actually answered, and of course I said yes!

Image 2 of Curtis and Lizzie

Image 3 of Curtis and Lizzie

Thanks to our friends hiding in the bushes, we have photos of the special moment. Then a couple came down from their hotel balcony to tell us they’d watched the entire time and to bring us a bottle of champange!

Image 4 of Curtis and Lizzie

Image 5 of Curtis and Lizzie

Image 6 of Curtis and Lizzie

Engagement ring by Churchwell’s Jewelers
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