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How We Met

Curtis and I first met on a day in March when I went to Universal Studios with my friends. My friends and I had just arrived and we were waiting in line getting tickets when my phone rang from a number I did not recognize. Curtis was calling me because he was one of the leaders who was telling everyone about the new, Tuesday night college group at the church we were both going to. We had seen each other around church, but had never spoken.The conversation consisted of slightly awkward, perhaps too-soon questions like “What is your passion in life?” I answered these questions not knowing that his ability to ask the hard questions in life would be a quality that I would soon grow to love.

Although nothing sparked from that phone conversation, we soon became great friends through the many Tuesday nights to follow. We discovered that we shared many of the same hobbies, went to the same school, even had a class right next door to each other the entire semester, and both shared the desire to grow closer to the Lord. Many golf games, breakfast dates, and unforgettable trips later, February 27, 2016 became the day that the answer “YES” would be the most meaningful to me.

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how they asked

The day of the proposal was one that I’ll never forget. The emotions of it all still feel tangible, 56 days later. It all started on Valentine’s Day when Curtis made me a coupon book that contained things like a shopping spree, a picnic, and a hiking trip. One of coupons that we were the most excited about was for a couple’s photoshoot because I had been saying how I wanted some more photos with him. Little did I know this was how he was going to propose to me! Once we set up a date that worked for the both of us and our photographer (his brother, Doug), I researched different locations and felt like I was doing all the planning.

Meanwhile, Curtis had been planning everything with some of his friends and mine. He even got one of my friends to take me to get my nails done the day before. When the day came, Curtis picked me up and even pretended to get lost when trying to find the location just to throw me off. Eventually we got there, met with Doug, and we walked over to an area on top of the hills where Doug wanted us to pose for the first several pictures. As Doug stepped away, pretending to set up his camera, Curtis handed me a small scrapbook that he had made with a cover title of “Our Love Story.” The first page said “Remember when…” and every page was a different milestone of our relationship until the last page which had a placeholder for a photo that wrote, “Remember when we GOT ENGAGED!”

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He got on one knee and said a bunch of probably meaningful words that I can not remember for the life of me, because I was in complete shock. After the “yes”, the tears, and the laughter, we headed back to his house which I thought would be just our families, but I opened the door to all our closest friends and family.

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This included some of my best friends who live as far as 3,000 miles away. It was the ultimate surprise and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more thought out proposal and more importantly, I cannot wait to be his wife!

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