Jordan and Curry

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How We Met

Jordan and Curry met in September 2012 at a Georgia Tech football game. They were introduced by their best friends, who were always “accidentally” arranging double dates. They began dating in October 2012 while they were both attending Georgia Tech and continued dating through the holidays. Over Christmas Break, Jordan decided to transfer to Newberry College, which was 3 hours away from Atlanta. She asked Curry if he wanted to try at a long distance relationship and of course he said yes.

Fast forward 3 years to December 2015 when they both graduated from college and faced even more distance to come. Curry moved home to North Palm Beach, Florida to search for an engineering job and Jordan stayed in South Carolina where she was teaching 3rd grade. Curry found a job in February, which is when Jordan decided to interview for jobs near him. She accepted a Pre-K teaching position in North Palm Beach for the 2016 school year. So, in June 2016, Jordan moved to Florida and spent the summer finding a house, moving in, and preparing for her new teaching position.

how they asked

October 4, 2016 was Jordan and Curry’s 4th anniversary. Curry took Jordan out to Flagler Steakhouse on Palm Beach where they enjoyed the beautiful weather and delicious food. On the way home, Jordan noticed how beautiful the city looked from the bridge near her house. Curry suggested they go pick up her dog, Rocky, and take him on a walk to see the view. So, after getting Rocky and walking back over the bridge to the beach, they were walking along talking about how beautiful it was and how happy they both were. Curry stopped Jordan and told her how thankful he was to have been able to love her for 4 years and how he is looking forward to loving her forever. Jordan smiled and agreed that she loved him just as much. Curry then pulled out the ring box, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. She of course said yes.

Little did she know, Curry had already picked out the exact spot that she noticed earlier and he planned for a friend to be there to photograph their special moment. Curry also made sure to include Rocky because he is a huge part of their relationship. They are both completely ecstatic to begin a life together and finally become husband and wife! July 2, 2017 is going to be one amazing day!

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