Crystall and Ryan: Proposal Video in Rockefeller Center

For almost two New York City winters Ryan and I talked about going ice skating at Rockefeller Center but the holiday season was always so busy. The amount of times we had planned to go but didn’t was so often that it had become a long running joke between us.

However, shortly after the 2011 holiday season my friend Jenn mentioned that despite growing up in NYC she had never gone ice skating at Rockefeller Center and suggested we all go one night. I thought it was a great idea and was excited to learn that she had a friend who could get us free skating passes. I quickly got in touch with Ryan to ask about his schedule and we decided on Friday, January 20th at 8pm. It still amazes me how Ryan and Jenn set it up so that I would be the one asking Ryan to go ice skating! I thought that I had helped arrange the evening, leaving me completely clueless to the truth…it had all been very carefully pre-planned from the beginning!

On January 20th I went about my usual schedule, working for the majority of the day. Despite the tight schedule, I (thankfully!) decided to stop and have my nails done since my salon finally had their first opening in days. I rushed back to the apartment with very little time to get ready and decided that since we were only going ice skating, I’d just be comfortable and replace my contacts for glasses. Knowing very well that my big dorky glasses were the last thing I’d want to be wearing on the night of my proposal, Ryan tried to convince me to wear my contacts instead by saying, “but what if they get knocked off and break on the ice?!”. Of course I thought this was silly and didn’t listen. (Although he did manage to scare me enough that I stuffed an emergency pair of contacts in my bag as we walked out the door!)

We got into a cab with a driver who seemed to be driving in NYC for the first time ever. He was frazzled by the aggressive drivers, almost hit someone, and basically took us on a tour of Manhattan trying to get from Brooklyn to Rockefeller Center! Ryan is typically laid-back in any situation but he seemed strangely uptight about our detour and kept checking the time, I just assumed he was excited about finally ice skating together so I didn’t think too much of it.

Once we got there, we quickly found Jenn, put on our skates and went out onto the ice! Rockefeller Center was more beautiful than ever that night and to me, there was nothing more romantic than being there with Ryan. As the session came to an end, Jenn suggested we stay on the ice for a moment to take pictures in front of the Prometheus statue. We took a few pictures and as people started to exit I realized we were the only ones left on the ice, I kept saying “we should really get off now guys…” but Jenn insisted on taking just one more picture. I looked at Ryan and at that moment our song started to play over the loud speakers, Bob Dylan’s “Emotionally Yours” sung by The O’Jays.

Ryan proceeded to tell me what I can only imagine were the most beautiful and amazing sentiments one could hear from their boyfriend (I, unfortunately, cannot recall any of it due to the level of shock that I was in) then threw off his hat and gloves, lowered himself onto one knee and presented me with this big, gorgeous, sparkly diamond ring!

My favorite part (and one of the reasons that Ryan is so amazing) was after I said yes, when Ryan pointed out that all the people surrounding the top of the rink and cheering were my friends and family! He had arranged for both our families and about 30 of our closest friends to hide behind the upper ledge of the ice skating rink and watch the entire proposal!

He also made sure that one of those friends, who happens to be an amazing photographer, was taking pictures of everything! As I exited the rink I was instantly surrounded by the most important people in my life: my family, my soon-to-be family, and my friends.

After we removed our ice skates and had a brief moment to ourselves, Ryan ushered us all to his next surprise, a restaurant/bar located just across the street. There we ate, drank and celebrated! Still in a state of shock, I recall looking around and being completely overwhelmed by emotion, I was feeling so unbelievably lucky to have such amazing people in my life. I had friends and family who rushed from work or their homes on a Friday evening into midtown to stand around Rockefeller Center ducking behind poles and ledges on one of the coldest days we had all winter so that they could share in one of the happiest moments of my life. But best of all, standing next to me I had my best friend, the man who created this perfect night just for me.