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How We Met

It all started on twitter….

We were having a discussion that followed with him inviting me to come speak at his college ministry. He had noticed that I spoke at events and thought I would be a good speaker for his series. We ended up exchanging numbers so that we could keep in contact and discuss the topic and direction of the message I was going to speak about. As we continued to have conversations on the phone, I noticed that we shared similar views, passions and desires. I could not help but wonder whether Yinka could possibly be my husband and that he would make a great candidate!

Prior to speaking at his College ministry, Yinka and I became really close friends and strictly friends. This was quite alarming because I felt more like a friend and less like gradually being promoted into the “bae zone”. One day he called me “sis” and I nearly passed out. I was certain that he did not like me and decided to fight my feelings away to protect my heart. When asked by friends, I refused to verbally say that I liked him because I did not want to get my hopes up. I met him for the first time when I came to speak and prayed he was not catfish (a fake person created online). In the case that he did like me, I really hoped he was not cat fish, because people can do wonders with social media nowadays.

I remember zooming in on all of his pictures to guesstimate his height and make sure that I was shorter (my preference). He ended up being taller and this is probably obvious, but for the sake of story-telling, he actually ended up liking me! He told me that while he was watching me speak, he thought to himself “this is my wife” and I thought it was the sweetest thing. We embarked on our 3 week “talking stage” before he decided to make it official and ask me to be his first girlfriend ever! It was such an honor and now, here we are a year later planning our wedding. I can’t wait to marry my best friend and partner in purpose.

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how they asked

I was invited to speak at a young adult’s bible study to wrap up their Christmas series and earlier that day, my now fiancé said he would be late because he was stuck at a mandatory conference in Dallas. He expressed his desire to make it to the event by any means necessary, so as I spoke, I was attentively looking at the door waiting for him to appear, but he never did. I was slightly upset and hoped that he would make it in time to hear me speak or walk in on me speaking, but to my surprise he was preparing himself to pop the question!

As soon as I finished speaking, the ministry prayed for others and then me and went into announcements. After announcements were shared, they mentioned that they had one last video for us to watch. I assumed it was the videos churches normally play to end a series or to present a new event coming up. Contrary to my belief, a video of my my fiancé telling me how proud of me he was and apologizing for his absence was playing. It was sweet, but in my head I was like “Yea, yea, yea, where is he?”. By the time the end of the video drew near, he appeared behind me with family and friends on his knees asking me to marry him. I was so in shock that I actually said “no” out of disbelief. I could not believe that he was actually proposing and that he surprised me. I always joked around and said that he could never surprise me and that I would know when he was going to propose. I must admit that he got me! I was overwhelmingly surprised. After hugging most of my family and friends, another video began to play that consisted of all of my friends and family across the world sending their well wishes.

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Amongst the people in the video slides sending their well wishes was my high school best friend that currently lives in Nigeria. I have not been able to see her in about five years and I was so overjoyed that she could be apart of the proposal from thousands of miles away. It meant so much to me because we are basically sisters. Eventually I grasped the reality that I had officially been proposed to and began swinging my hand to and fro for engagement pictures. It was an exciting night filled with love and amazing people that ended with a lovely dinner with friends from the proposal.

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