Crystal and Will

how they asked

I am recently engaged and I have enjoyed this season of figuring out what that means.

My own proposal was public, it was in an environment that I have adopted as a second home, a lifeline, a sanctuary where I feel I belong. My fiancé made a bold choice to combine my worlds to make his declaration. Teaching dance is something I am passionate about and by taking to the stage to ask this question, it had a priceless value to me. He invited some of my closest friends and family to the dance recital of the studio where I teach. He knew what was important to me and took steps to ask me that important question in front of many people who I have grown to know and love through the years.

Image 1 of Crystal and Will

After weeks of reflection I have realized that the care and consideration he put into that proposal was an outward expression of the commitment and love he has for me. It says, “I see you, I know your passions, I know what’s important to you, and I support you.” All of these things build on the basic foundation of our time dating together, but the proposal is his outward expression of his love for me and it will forever be one of the memories I hold onto closest. By the grace of God, I have found the one with whom my heart loves. My person, who stands in my corner all the days of my life. This is a leap of faith, a sacred moment, much like dance itself, except this time he is dancing away with my heart.