Crystal and Vincenzo


How We Met

Well it all started out when i was at a girlfriends bridal shower… and you know us girls always chatting and catching up with the latest news, So as any other girl in this world knows how hard it is to find a great guy out there i asked the question. Hey girls any of you ladies know of a decent guy out there, figuring I would have better luck meeting someone through family and great friends. They all said no so sorry no one i know is single . A few weeks later i was going about my day one of the girls called me and said hey I know you asked if we knew of any single guys , I have the perfect guy for you if you are interested.

I was hesitant of course because i have not been so lucky in the past with being set up. I decided why not give it a shot, Ok I’m in ! So she had given Vincenzo my Number and also had given me his. We had spoken over the phone daily for at least over a month. At this point i was like hey Vinny are we going to meet any time soon. So finally another week goes by and we decided to meet and thats when our love story started! It grew stronger and strong day after day, we couldn’t be separated! We just clicked it felt so natural. Almost four years later and we are engaged to be married!

how they asked

It was always a dream of mine and on my bucket list to go on a hot air balloon ride. I had always mentioned to Vinny how i had always wanted to do this at some point in our lives. Vinny is so spontaneous so i never ever in a million years suspected any thing, he is always calling me telling me to get ready we are going here or there. He had mentioned to me that a good family friend of his Louie had two tickets to a hot air ballon ride for tomorrow morning that he could not make it too. Now Louie had always given us tickets in the past to go see shows and for other great adventures so i thought nothing of it. Of course i wanted to go !

OMG I was jumping for joy i was like this is amazing I’m so excited tell me more i wanna know all the details! We had a wedding the night before so Vinny was playing it off so well. Vinny was like i don’t know we have to be up extremely early and we have the wedding tonight its going to end late maybe its not the best idea. He knew i would never pass this opportunity up! I said Vin are you crazy this is amazing i wouldn’t pass it up for the world this has been a dream of mine. After the wedding he was like i will pick you up at 4am and we will head to jersey .

As exhausted as we were, I was so excited and pumped with joy ! Like any other adventure of ours he picked me up and we started our drive. The drive was gorgeous we stopped for coffee and I’m like were going to be late and miss the ride we need to hurry up! I wanted to head straight there and not miss this for anything! We got to the pickup area right on time ! Smiling from ear to ear so happy we made it on time. I noticed there was another couple waiting there as well. We all got into the van were they brought us to this gorgeous amazing open field. It was breath taking the sun was starting to come up the birds were chirping it was absolutely perfect. It was the most amazing thing ever. The crew started to set up the balloon it was awesome to see how they blew it up and step by step what went into this. We were front and center so involved and helping it was actually really cool.


The ballon was finally up and it came time to hop in the basket like a little kid i wanted to go first! We are now up in the air and literally gliding through the sky the sun was rising it was picture perfect straight out of a movie not a cloud in the sky. The ride was truly amazing there was this gorgeous tree which i have never heard of before it was a tulip tree. The Captain of the balloon explained to us how the leaves look like tulips. I was so amazed he lowered the ballon into the trees and told me to grab a leaf !! I was like really ok, it was gorgeous looked identical to a tulip flower ! Never before have i seen this in my life. We were all enjoying the ride taking in the scenery just soaking it all in.


When it came time to land if many of you don’t know hot air balloons don’t have breaks, so it truly is dependent on the wind ! We ended up landing in this family’s driveway. Every one came out side to watch this giant ballon land. it was great Vinny and the other gentleman who was on the ride with us had helped the crew pack it all up, really cool to be involved from start to finish! The crew had come to pick us up to bring us back to were we had started. On the ride back the gentleman said here are some flyers to tell all your family and friends about us! Reading the flyer I had noticed there were different packages involved like brunch with the ride or a champagne toast.

Knowing louie I said to Vinny he definitely got the best one! We had got back to the field and noticed there was a whole picnic area set up .. Omg Vin look how freaking cute we have to call louie and thank him ! It was now 7:30 in the morning he was like not now he is sleeping! ok ok.. we walked over and i was in shock how gorgeous the set up was it was always something i wanted to do.

I have never been on a picnic before. This was amazing a hot air ballon and a picnic two of my dreams in one day! Amazing ! As i was looking around at all the cute stuff and the goodies that were set up. I noticed a picnic basket! On top of the picnic basket it said courtesy of in flight adventures. Vinny being so clever knowing how nosey I am, he knew i would go for the basket! I said vin look should i open it or should we wait for the crew to come back from dropping off the equipment.


He said just open it !! I went to open the basket and noticed there was a bottle of champagne in it .. i said ohh vin look the champagne but then noticed it wasn’t your ordinary bottle of champagne .. Slowly looked at the inside of the top of the picnic basket and noticed something was painted on it i began to read it and said out loud Crystal will you MARRY ME !


I repeated my self and said no way no way omg omg thats me I am Crystal !! i was so shocked literally shaking tears started to role down my face, it took me a good ten minutes to process what was going on i turned around and there he was down on one Knee ! I couldn’t speak i was truly so shocked and filled with joy !



OF COURSE YES I SAID! then i noticed people were snapping pictures … that other couple wasn’t a couple after all they turned out to be photographers that captured the entire moment from start to finish ! The surprises kept on coming!!

Proposal Ideas In Flight Balloon Adventures N.J

I tried to call my mom of course no one answered i was like omg why aren’t they answering me .. We continued to take pictures together on the beautiful set up he had created for me as we were taking pictures the crew comes back the van pulls up the door swings open ..


Our entire family’s all come running out of the van bearing balloons flowers and champagne !! OMG I started crying all over again this was truly such an amazing day it was perfect in every way I couldn’t believe every one was there couldn’t believe he had pulled it off !!!


I was truly shocked and had no idea! That is the day that my life changed the day i finally got to say i have my best friend true love and now i have him forever.. I Found my Husband and this is the man that has made all my dreams come true! Truly the luckiest girl ever !

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