Crystal and Ryan

how we met

We’ve been dating for almost 9 years. We were each others first relationship :)

how they asked

I traveled around the world (literally) just for this proposal. My girlfriend decided last minute to travel around Europe with her family, and the last leg was in Copenhagen. This meant I had 3 weeks to plan it! After some research (combination of Google and Instagram) I nailed down the most picturesque location in the Botanical garden. The most complicated portion was that I had to somehow fly from LA to Hong Kong to pick up the engagement ring, and from there land in Copenhagen and meet at the location before 10am to surprise my fiancée (I had to coordinate with her parents to do this). So after almost 3 days of traveling, multiple flight cancellations and delays, I finally land in Copenhagen. I get to the location by 9am, and Martina (my Flytographer) was there by 9:30 to help set up. By 10:15am, my fiancée was finally in position, and I surprised her with the proposal. Martina brilliantly captured the moment and we couldn’t be happier :)

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