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I was a little suspicious all week honestly. It was the big “Christmas Family Photo” that I hadn’t been in since we started dating 3.5 years ago. Our friends are family portrait photographers and it had already been arranged for them to be there doing the Christmas Photo Session. So, it wasn’t suspicious that there was already a photographer there to document this incredibly special moment that I wasn’t sure was going to actually happen. I really hoped to be in the “family” photo this year. I already deeply felt like part of the family. Ross said that not only was I in the photo this year, but my Dad and Brothers were asked to be in it too. I thought to myself, “hmmm. Why would my Dad want to do a Christmas family photo?” My whole life he never has done any sort of family photo, let alone a Christmas themed one.

Also, Ross’ mom had been extra peculiarly talking about wedding planning lately. Just the day before we got engaged, she was looking at a Hallmark ornament for a couple engaged in 2019 and said: “too bad you guys didn’t get engaged this year.” Literally less than 24 hours before Ross popped the big question!!!

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BUT, I still didn’t know for sure if it was going to be the day I’d been dreaming of for months. We did a whole set of family photos: ones with all our parents, siblings, the dogs, our newborn niece. Then we finally got to the last set of family photos and they were trying to think of a different position or pose to do, and then Ross goes, “I got a pose.” That’s when he got down on one knee and asked “Crystal, will you marry me.” I immediately burst into tears and wailed out a “YES!” IT WAS PERFECT! Everyone we love was there to be a part of it. I’m so happy to start this new journey of forever together. ❄️❤️❄️

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