Crystal and Ricky

how we met

Ricardo and I met on 4/11/2015 at a surprise party hosted by a mutual friend. Ricardo was among a group of friends that arrived together and I hardly knew a soul! So I jumped right in! As the night progressed we made conversation, eventually exchanging numbers.

how they asked

On a Saturday evening in June, Ricardo made plans for us to go out for dinner and hit the lakefront near Adler Planetarium. His goal: Make it to the lake in time for the Navy Pier Saturday night fireworks. The night did not go as planned. Dinner plans were altered at the last minute, we took the wrong exit trying to get to the Adler, ending up in circles and by the time the fireworks were going Ricardo was STRESSED. Which if you know Ricardo, this was rare. We finally found a spot, parked and walked through Grant Park. It was quiet and no one was around. And as we got up to head home, I turned to find him on one knee. We ended the night ENGAGED!

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