Crystal and Lindsay

How We Met

We met at a bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!). He came in with some friends and truth be told I’m not and never really was a good bartender lol. It was a Tuesday which meant two dollar pint night, easiest night cause all you had to do was pour beer. He wanted me to stay after my shift but I was tired and wanted to go home, so he walked me out to my car and got my number. As we were chatting we saw a car driving away and they popped their tire. I immediately got my jack and wrench. Lindsay accompanied with his phone’s flashlight. I helped the man change his tire while Lindsay shed his light. We went on our first date a few nights later to a sushi place, coincidentally his and my favorite sushi place and from there the rest is history. We went on to move to Houston together where my family conveniently lived and we remain.

Over the past four years we have found out how perfectly we fit together. We like the toilet paper to fall the same way (the right way), he works out for the both of us and I eat the junk food for the both of us. We love LSU football (but really anything LSU (GEAUX TIGERS)), have very close relationships with our families and have the same Christian values. Another very special connection we share is are passion for adoption. My dad was adopted from Seoul, South Korea when he was four years old. Lindsay was adopted at birth in Louisiana. Which, after months/years of begging, led us to adopt our puppy, Winston, from BARC. Winston brings us so much joy and we are so grateful we have had the opportunity to experience, first hand, the impact adopting can have not only on the child but the family and the future families. If my dad was never adopted, I would not be here. If Lindsay was never adopted, I would not have him. And if it weren’t for organizations like BARC, I would not have Winston. We share this passion for children and adoption that we intend to carry on to our future children, however we receive them.

Alex Gourney Squared's Wedding 2015

Red Dress Run 2013

how they asked

I had been away in Lake Placid, Florida for two weeks helping my Nana and Papa. My Papa was having knee replacement surgery and my Nana has short term memory loss so she can’t really be left alone for long. Lindsay is a CPA and has a very demanding schedule so we decided it would be best I bring Winston, with me. When he dropped us off at the airport he had waited until we got through security in case there was an issue with Winston’s carry on and we blew kisses once I got through and told me he would be picking me up in the very same place. We figured I would be able to still give him the love and attention he needed and would also have my grandparents’ french bulldog, Joe Louis, to play with. It was a really pleasant visit in many ways, being able to grow a stronger relationship with my grandparents, helping them and finally being able to reciprocate all the love they have bestowed upon me my whole life and having Lindsay miss me. Normally he is the one going away on business trips but this time the roles were reversed and he was feeling the strain. The saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” was very real. He has never been the type to want to FaceTime but he surely made an exception this time. We would FaceTime in the morning before he had to go to work and in the evening. He really regretted me bringing Winston cause our apartment was all the more empty when he would get home late at night. He had basically been counting down the days until Winston and I would be coming home.
The day came for me to go home. My cousins and aunt drove over from West Palm to help watch Papa since I was leaving which incidentally is where I had to go for my flight. I had woke up at 6am eastern and wouldn’t be landing in Houston until around 5pm central so I knew I was in for a long day. Nana and Papa are big on breakfast; coffee, eggs, bacon, toast, biscuits, orange juice, cherry preserves and fresh fruit was the morning routine. My cousin drove me to enterprise (no, they didn’t pick me up) and I rented a car to drive two hours to West Palm Beach. It had been a long, drive, long flight and long layover but there was only one flight left and I was ready to see my boyfriend.

My flight home I sat next to an elderly lady. She loved my travel pal, Winston. She was going to be meeting her son in baggage claim and I told her I would be heading that way to meet my boyfriend so we could walk down together.  To pass time I was skipping through The Notebook to all of my favorite parts cause my flight wasn’t long enough for me to watch the whole thing but still found a way to cry multiple times. When the flight landed I helped the elderly woman out to her wheelchair and an airline assistant briskly walked her to the baggage claim. I was nearly put of breath trying to keep up with my carry on and Winston but when I go to the security hallway I saw Lindsay and was so excited I started walking faster down the ramp. I noticed he had something in his hand, at first I thought they were flowers, then noticed it was a sign. It had my first and last name like a driver would have. As I got closer it opened and said, “ ..Hobbs Marry Me?”

What I saw coming down the ramp..

I finally reached him where he had gotten down on his knee. I was uncontrollably sobbing (thanks Nicholas Sparks and Lindsay) to the point I couldn’t even see the ring and don’t remember him saying anything. After a long hug and a few congratulations from some flight mates I noticed my family coming out from all over, each with a recording device of sorts which, without a doubt, got my ugly cry, but it was worth every one of my tears.

I said YES!