Crystal and Leonel

how they asked

We both needed a vacation, we decided Cancun. Earlier in the day we lounged had a couple of cocktails. As the sun set He asked me to get ready for a beachfront dinner, we walked over. We’re greeted by the hostess and rt away were sat at a beautiful table setting the loveliest background music I have heard. He orders us both a glass of white wine, he says to celebrate our Cancun Trip. I agreed and we toast. Little did I know my best friend, my love, and my soon to be fiancé had planned it all out. He spoke to our waiter, the manager and made them aware of what was soon to be the happiest day of my life. He asked for a picture of course I said Yes.

He asked our waiter if he’d be kind enough to snap a couple of pictures,(it was recording the whole time). Holds my hand in his and slowly starts standing I scoot my chair of course getting ready for the picture he looks me in my eyes and tells me how much I mean to him, how he couldn’t see life with out me reaches into his pocket gets on one knee and pops the question. Will you marry me? Please say yes. I couldn’t help but gasp and replied with a ecstatic IN EVERY LIFETIME YES!! P.s I have the video but couldn’t upload it, I’d be glad to share it.