Crystal and Josan

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How We Met

The very first time we met we were about 15 years old, he ignored me, looked right past me and didn’t even notice I was standing right IN FRONT of him (I introduced myself and everything!)

A year later we “re-met” at a Catholic youth group. Being the introvert that I am I was sitting alone because I had enough socializing for the day, and that’s when he noticed me for the first time (What do you know, suddenly I exist and I wasn’t even trying that time).

Fast forward seven years and here we are madly in love and getting married!

how they asked

Me and my Bf have been together for 6 year so since we were 16 years old. To celebrate our 6 years we took a weekend trip to la were we went to universal studios and Venice beach. He told me not to plan anything for Sunday because he had something small planned out. Now my boyfriend isn’t one to plan out any big grand Jesters so I’m thinking you really it’s going to be something small. We get in the car and he drives to the location I still have no idea where we’re going when we pull up to this very small private airport looking place and I find out this guy booked a helicopter ride! now I’ve been wanting to get married for a while now and when he found out that he booked a helicopter ride I was so MAD in my mind I was like we could’ve use this money for something so much better you could’ve use this money to you know get our life started.

But again he wasn’t the one to plan things so I really appreciated that and A helicopter ! that sounds amazing! Not to mention a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone like me. Halfway through the ride, we landed in the hills of Malibu. I had no idea what was going on but the pilot said to kind of go take look around when we came back (I assumed to leave) There was a beautifully set up picnic and I cried I wasn’t expecting a helicopter ride or picnic! then he whispers under his breath “I’m never going to top this” and I’m thinking to myself (still annoyed right) yeah you will when you propose to Me. And then we walk to the edge of the hill and look out on the horizon he spins me around gets down on one knee and asks me to Mary him! And I cried and said yes of course! and then I told him how irritated I was that he spent money on this but not on my proposal!! Oh but little did I know lol!