Crystal and Joon

How We Met

We met at UC Riverside in our music composition classes and shared a great passion for the same genres of music. We composed many pieces together, conducted together, and became best friends. I studied abroad in Korea right after we were getting closer and it was definitely hard being so far away from each other for so long, we knew we couldn’t be without each other. He originally majored in biology, but later changed his major to music composition and that is how I met him when we found that we had all our music classes together. Our passion for writing music brought us together!

Where to Propose in UCR Botanic Gardens rose garden

Marriage Proposal Ideas in UCR Botanic Gardens rose garden

Crystal's Proposal in UCR Botanic Gardens rose garden

Wedding Proposal Ideas in UCR Botanic Gardens rose garden

How They Asked

He proposed on our 2nd anniversary at the campus botanic gardens in the rose garden, a spot we loved to visit pretty often. He planned a photo shoot with a surprise photographer and captured every moment from before the proposal to after. Before he proposed he took my hands and said a beautiful prayer and asked God to bless us on what he a was about to do, then he got down on his knee.

I didn’t fully believe it was real because I’ve always been my parents’ little girl and to know they gave him their blessing was everything. As he put the ring on my finger he told me the story of him going to my parents’ house asking for their blessing, that’s when I teared up. They were letting me go to a wonderful man, I couldn’t be happier!

Special Thanks

Benny Chiu
 | Photographer
Katelyn Kipfer
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring