Crystal and Ian's Amusement Park Proposal

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how we met

Well before we actually met, Crystal and I were both offered a job at Cedar Point, an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. We were to be working in ride operations at GateKeeper, one of Cedar Point’s newest roller coasters. The first day we were all to meet at the front entrance of the ride. I was actually running late due to another company training.

My first memory of Crystal is walking up to the entrance and looking around to my new coworkers. The one person that stood out was Crystal. She was stunningly beautiful (and still is of course). From that point on all I wanted to do was get to know her. So I did just that, and before long we were best friends. Luckily, for me, I wasn’t the only one that wanted to be more than friends. Before too long our friendship blossomed into a relationship full of love. That summer was the greatest adventure I’ve experienced, and it still hasn’t ended.

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how they asked

After spending my summer at camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California, while Ian went back to work at Cedar Point, both of us knew a few things to be true. 1. We would never put 2,000+ miles between us, 2. We would never live in different time zones again and 3. We were not ourselves without each other. I couldn’t find happiness in California, the one place I’ve wanted to visit since forever, and Ian couldn’t find it either at Cedar Point, our favorite place on this planet.

Therefore, the day we were reunited was pure magic. Despite the terrible, turbulence-filled flight back home, with enormous delays, I had no worries once I was back in Ian’s arms, which I never wanted to escape from again.

Our plans for our first full day back together, August 18, 2015, were to spend the day in the park as guests. I had a complete list of what order I wanted to ride all of the rides in. Ian, though, had other plans. I didn’t find it suspicious when he insisted that we ride GateKeeper first and be to the park right when it opened, even when we opened the door and it was down pouring. We knew most of the rides wouldn’t open in the rain, but he insisted that we still get to the park as soon as possible anyway. I was hesitant, but the rain was inviting after spending 10 weeks in a drought.

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As we entered the park and approached GateKeeper, the rain had halted. Ian walked me up to the GateKeeper sign and spewed a cheesy line from one of our favorite songs. And then it happened. At the time I wasn’t sure what exactly was being said, but I knew that Ian was laying out his feelings for me, at our favorite place, where we first met. I knew he was about to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him and I knew my answer was going to be yes. It was all a blur, but it was the best blur of my life and now I’m spending my life with my best friend, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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