Crystal and Garrett

Image 1 of Crystal and Garrett

How We Met

We met in our college psychology class! He was a secret admirer from afar until one day he ended up finding the courage to talk to me. His excuse to come talk to me was to ask about our next “chemistry exam,” only realizing after he said it that he meant to say psychology. He then confessed he really just came over to talk to me because he was hoping to “get to know you better, if that is something you would be interested in. I find you very cute.” He was such a gentlemen I couldn’t resist! We ended up going out to eat right after that class and just talked the entire time. We didn’t even touch our food! After that, it was nothing but “chemistry.” ;)

how they asked

Garrett definitely made a proposal I would never forget. Throughout our relationship, we have made several deep sea fishing trips in Destin, Florida with his family. He decided to make our most recent trip an unforgettable one by proposing on the same fishing boat we have been using throughout our whole relationship! Just like the lifebuoy next to us says, it was absolute “Destiny” for this to be the place he proposed :)

Image 2 of Crystal and Garrett

As we headed back to land after our fishing trip ended, Garrett asked if I wanted to go on top of the boat to relax and enjoy the view. When we got up there, his father ended up joining us and asked if we’d like some pictures of us with the ocean behind us.

Image 3 of Crystal and Garrett

I love a good vacation pic, so of course I said yes! His father took a couple regular pictures of us when Garrett got down on one knee to propose. His father was in on the whole plan and was able to capture the moment on camera for us to relive forever!

Image 5 of Crystal and Garrett

Image 4 of Crystal and Garrett