Crystal and Eric

How We Met

We met in April of 2012 through mutual friends, neither of us were looking to be in a relationship, but it just clicked. Over the last 3 and a half years we built a life we thought we could only dream of! A successful business, a beautiful pitbull named Kells, after our favorite rap artist (one of the things that we found out we had in common early on!) and so much more.

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how they asked

One of the things I found out about Eric early on was that he didn’t fly, he had never been on a plane. This was a near deal-breaker for a wanderlust spirit like myself. So what did I do? The minute NFL tickets went on sale in 2013 I bought 2nd row seats, behind the 49ers bench in San Francisco, for the last home game ever at Candlestick Park. The biggest NFL fan I know would never live it down if he didn’t get on that plane, I thought to myself. And sure enough, he hopped on that plane. And loved every second of it. An experience neither of us will ever forget. One of our many trips in our short few years together was just recently, a spur of the moment Labor Day Weekend trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We had to get away from the chaos of our 70+ hour work weeks on one of our only weekends off. One thing about Eric is that he is not much of a romantic. He’s never been one to pull off surprises and that’s likely because I’m too overly involved in every aspect of our life to get anything by me. So although I had a hitch an engagement was coming, it was the way he did it that was so unforgettable. A private dinner with a butler who walked us over to the pier overlooking the ocean where our dinner would be. As I turned the corner I saw it..”Will You Marry Me” written in stone, Bruno Mars “Marry You” was playing and I started crying before I could even make it down the stairs. Eric got down on one knee and said “Will You Marry Me?”. This is coming from the guy who said he would never get down on one knee, or ask my father because it was so awkward! My shy guy did everything right. A professional photographer was there to catch every moment and take our engagement photos right then and there! The ring-flawless. EXACTLY what I had dreamed of. After that we attended an all white party at the resort in which our new friends said “we threw this engagement party for you, have fun!” The DJ announced our names and congratulated us in front of hundreds of people. We had couples coming up to us saying “marriage is such a beautiful thing, we’ve been together 20+ years, look at us now, our kids are off to college and we’re out here having a good time just like you.” This was exactly what we needed to hear, since we come from a place where your friends parents still being together is more surprising then getting a divorce. The moral of the story, the couple who travels together, stays together. Always have something to look forward too in life and surround yourself by positive happy people, great influences and amazing friends. And yes, all the couples we met that trip are invited to our wedding in Aruba 2017.

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Special Thanks

Hyatt Zilara Montego Bay
 | Venue/Dinner/Photographer etc.