Crystal and Eraldo

Image 1 of Crystal and Eraldo How we met: It was a cold and snowy January night and I was out with an old high school classmate. We decided to go to a local cafe to reminisce on old times over some cocktails. My Fiance was seated at another table with his cousins not too far from our table. I stepped away to freshen up and when I returned to my table, my friend was nowhere in sight. I overheard my friend’s chatter and saw her sitting at a table with some handsome young men, one of which turned out to be the Love of my life! Nature took its course from there and although I put up a bit of a fight, it was Love at First Sight!

how they asked: It is a tradition in my Fiance’s household to have a large home cooked Easter meal doe the holiday celebrations. Since being together, the tradition has been upheld every year. This year however, my Fiance convinced both our families to go out and to have a nice Easter Brunch with one another. Surprisingly , no one object except myself, in horror of breaking the tradition. We started a lovely meal at Kittichai in Soho, New York City, talking and laughing over one too many cocktails. Halfway through our meal, a photographer came over and asked everyone to get up for a family photo. We all got up and began to arrange ourselves for the picture, but my Fiance held me back, got on one knee and made me the happiest girl alive!

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Photos by PhotoDH