Crystal and Emilio

How We Met

His mother was having dinner with him one night when she showed him a picture of me on Facebook. At the time, I was working with his stepfather. His mom had met me briefly and knew that I was single. She mentioned to him over dinner that she knew of me and thought we would be perfect for each other. After he saw the picture, he immediately added me on Facebook. The next day was his birthday, and the first words, I ever communicated to him was a happy birthday comment on Facebook. After that we began messaging each other on Facebook and text messaging over the phone. At first, I thought he was kind of stalker, because he was always messaging me. However, as I got to know him, I realized what a wonderful guy he was. After about two months of communicating only through the phone and social media, we finally met in person. He had a weekend date planned. Day 1 was dinner and a movie. Day 2 was dinner with his family and putt putt after. Day 3 was a romantic picnic at the park. Later I found out that he told his best friend before he ever met me in person that he just had a feeling that I was the one. The rest is history!

First picture together

how they asked

It was Thursday. Emilio told me a few weeks before that we were invited to his company Christmas party. He had his boss send him fake emails and texts with the fake party details. He had his co-workers take me out for a girls night so I would have my nails painted for when he proposed. The day of the “party” he took off of work, and bought supplies and prepared the location at a local park. The night before, he had sent a text to my boss asking if I could leave work early. For some odd reason, my boss was pushing me to leave at a certain time so I could get ready for this Christmas party that I was going to. On our way to the “party” I still had no idea what was going on. When we get to the park, he tells me that the party is on the other side of the park. So I asked him why he didn’t just park on the other side instead of making me walk across the park in my dress and heels. He grabs my hand and we start walking through the park.

As we cross a bridge and make it to the gazebo, music starts playing. Here I see a red carpet, 4 perfectly placed pillars with picture frames and balloons floating above the pictures. He hands me the anniversary card he gave me from earlier in the year and asks me to re-read what he wrote. He had written subtle hints of how he was going to propose, and as I look up, it was all laid out in front of me. For his first birthday that I was able to share with him, I had him pop balloons that had love notes in them. He was doing the same thing for me. When we arrived at the red carpet, 2 balloons had already flown away and Emilio was bummed. But now we look at it as a sign from his dad and my grandpa, who are no longer with us, that the balloons represented them in heaven. Each picture represented a special moment in our relationship (our first picture, when he said I love you for the first time, our trip to Disneyland, and a picture of our two little puppies) and each note in the balloon described what that moment meant to him. We make our way up the red carpet to the middle of the gazebo and before he starts talking he asks to pray. After praying he took my hand and began saying that he was excited for our future together and how he wanted to start a family and grow old together and more… Then he asked me to be his wife. I said yes! He was so nervous that he forgot what hand to put the ring on. During this whole proposal, he had a photographer capture every moment. After he proposed he had a friend of ours show up with our puppies in tuxedos. He proposed on a Thursday because he wanted that day to be its own special day. No holidays, no birthdays, no anniversary. He wanted that day to stand-alone. And it will forever. It was such a wonderful surprise.

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